Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stages of HypnoBirthing Labor Part II

Stages of Labor
Stage II
Thinning and Opening - Active (dilating 4-7cm)
Physical Aspects
• Regular surges 2-10 minutes apart, lasting about 60 seconds.
• Increasing back and/or pelvic sensations. walk between surges.
• Dry mouth, possible nausea and/or vomiting and diarrhea may occur.
• Drink water and
• Use SLOW breathing, relaxation and massage so it does not occur
Emotional Aspects
• Self-focused during surges.
• Need to do Relaxation and breathe SLOWLY.
Social Aspects
• Becoming more serious.
• Desiring companionship.
• Use bath tub to labor
• Keep calm
Role of Dad and/or Support Person
• Help mother get more comfortable
• If decided - go to the hospital.
• Talk to mother between and during surges, don’t expect answers during surges.
• Eat, feed her and rest.
• Light touch massage
• Accept, reassure her with positive affirmations.
• Praise her efforts.
• Tell her you love her.
• Encourage position change and hourly urination.

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