Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HypnoBirthing Stages of Labor - Birthing

Stage IV / Birthing of the baby (baby enters the world)
Physical Aspects
• Surges spaced further apart, every 2-5 mins, lasting 45-99 seconds.
• Bulging bottom with possible bloody vaginal discharge.
• Getting a second wind, breathing deeply and slowly with surges.
• May feel a burning sensation so relax pelvic floor.
Emotional Aspects
• Oxytocin inflow, more excited, expectant.
• “I can’t do this.” Means the end of labor is here
• Excited that labor is almost over, and amazed.
Social Aspects
• Silent concentrated breathing.
• Wants dad and/or support person around
• No track of time and surroundings.
• Concentrating only on birthing the baby.
Role of Dad and/or Support Person
• Assist mother into the desired position (squat, or other).
• Keep encouraging her and keep her abreast of the progress of the baby’s descent.
• Keep her focused on her breathing, bearing baby down.
• Remind her to relax
• Use deepening techniques
• Remind her to relax her bottom and remind her to breathe and not hold her breath.
• Birth will be a profoundly moving experience.

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