Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Smiling During Labor?

People ask when I work with clients, how do i notice the changes that occur in a pregnant mom, when she is ready for the birth of her baby.

Most moms are unaware how important their thoughts are in every moment of their life, and particularly in labor.

Most of the time I notice this slight change in her attitude, her behavior, her demeanor. When she begins her thinking from fear position, and continues into the questions and doubts, her face reflects that pain. She says that she wants to avoid the pain, but in fact, she behaves on the opposite.

Fear is natural and healthy when it allows a natural effective mechanism for normal survival. In labor time to be in fear is opposite to being effective.

Educating herself to know what happens during labor is important because it eliminates fear. Knowing the facts is power. Being empowered by knowledge gives the woman strength needed to complete laboring.

Showing the posture, position, breathing of the woman who is in peace and ready for the birth, she begins her labor and moves and breathes in a way that is relaxed and peaceful.

When she begins with a question: What do I want for this birth? the answer begins to emerge to show her what is possible.

Immediately, the possibilities are endless. She can begin to create her own peaceful world and move in it with an attitude that reflects her belief, that is emerged from her value system:

I am mother
My body knows what to do
My baby knows what to do
I trust my body

Affirming what she wants (as opposed to affirming what she does not want, what moms usually do unknowingly) she begins to sort for the signs in the environment confirming what begins to happen toward the birth that she wants.

She recognizes those signs and acknowledges them with a smile.

The baby reflectively moved down the birthing path in her womb, out of her womb, and out into the world, being healthy and feeling loved. And all the while she continues to smile.

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