Monday, December 19, 2011

What Nutrition for HypnoBirthing

Some moms have questions about nutrition. Whereas, I cannot provide you with advice here is what others are saying:

The diet before conception is just as important and maybe even more important than diet during pregnancy. 

A mom reported beginning to eat farm fresh vegetables, raw grass fed butter and milk, grass fed beef, pastured chicken eggs, wild caught fish and raw homemade fermented foods and beverages (raw yogurt, sour dough breads, vegetables, kombucha, etc....).  

Some others say they've completely removed all processed foods and pretty much anything that comes pre-packaged.  No white flour, sugar (or brown sugar), margarine, homogenized milk, butter or yogurt and no soy products.  

Alike real food they way our great grandparents used to eat. 

I'm sure anyone who is considering HypnoBirthing and home birth including unassisted childbirth has heard the following words "Are you crazy?"

Then how crazy were our ancestors for giving birth naturally!

Please share any other information you feel may be important to improve the health of mom and baby both physically and mentally from your experience or something you believe. After approval all comments will be posted below.

Baby-Mother Heart Synchronized Immediately by Just Smiling.... So Smile!

Researchers in Bar-Ilan University in Israel found proof t hat babies and mothers have deep intimate connection and by visual contact, smile and touch infants under 3 months can synchronize their heart-beat to their mother's.

Deep psychological effects of the discovery may not yet be researched, yet it is obvious that mother-baby connection is an instant bond.

Too bad they didn't yet research connections that infant make with other people, including fathers. Yet, the primary care-taker, those who spend time with the baby will form such connection that creates for the infant a sense of security and peace.

Read the full story here.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Practicing HypnoBirthing Ideal Birth

Here is a recent letter form one of the moms from a previous HypnoBirthing class I taught. As you read through the beauty of her words, allow yourself to follow the descriptions. Ah, and remember to practice the enjoyment of your own desired birthing experience! 

"Hi Morrin,
I thought of you today and wanted to share. 

I've noticed that I take any chance I can to practice the breathing, relaxation and ideal birthing experience each day. 

Today I practiced yoga and put on my drumming music. I did a combination of dance and yoga and while I was in my practice I meditated on my ideal birth experience. It felt as though I embodied my birth experience through yoga and movement. I literally danced my labor and birth and really loved each moment. 

I also had another dream about my birth. In my dream my baby came early by a few weeks but what was most profound was how calm and relaxed I was throughout the process. In my dream I was at my parents house visiting and began light surges. I calmly left and went back to the city with (husband) to the hospital. I felt calm and relaxed throughout the dream, experiencing surges with a deep trust that all was well...and it was. I woke up before my baby was born but I think the most significant part was the calmness that was revealed. I know I can do this and my subconscious knows this too. 

Today's practice felt really wonderful. I sometimes am hard on myself for not practicing daily the meditations you've given us but today it felt right to do it my way in my body, with the drumming music, just as I visualized from the beginning. Just wanted to share some of my experiences with you and hope it counts as practice :)
With Love, and deep appreciation,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Baby - Happy Birth Story

Here is an inspiring birth story of a recent new dad. 

"We didn’t have to wait too long. Thursday June 16th we had our check-up with our midwife and at that time she stated she thought you would more than likely come a week past your due date, which would’ve been another two weeks! 

That night we watched TV and I rubbed Momma’s belly and caressed your little back. You responded by rolling around a bit, but ultimately you seemed very soothed and comforted. That night we went to bed and I assumed that it would be uneventful.

I assumed incorrectly.

Around 2am Friday morning, Momma woke me up and informed she had started having surges. I still didn’t think much of it and dozed off again. Around 4am, she woke me up again letting me know they were consistent. We decided to get things ready. We called (midwife), (doula), (Parents), (photographer). 

At this point the excitement and anticipation started to build…I was going to meet my baby girl soon!

The rest of the morning was a blur, with brief moments when the world seemed to stop just long enough to catch our breath before we were swept away in the rush of surges again. I remember this birth as a continuum; everything flowed together, effortlessly. Maybe it was because I had complete faith in my connection with you and your mother, and the both of you communicating with me, and of course, because I had complete faith in your Mother and her ability to bring you here peacefully and safely.

The time it took to bring you into the world was an amazing, mostly because of being the most loving and intimate time with your Momma I will never forget. It was just the two of us, in our own little world, working together putting our minds together and our hearts intentions in the direction to accomplish the one goal of birthing our baby girl. We rarely spoke, except for some small talk in the beginning, but we were so connected that I knew what she needed without asking. It was a blessing to be in the birthing tub; its warm water was soothing and it felt very natural, like this is how babies are supposed to be born.

Once in  while I suggested to her a relaxation. or a visualization and together we breathed deeply for the most part of the evening. I kept saying positive phrases, and they came out of me as a continuation of my thoughts and intention.

She drank some water, and did not want to eat. Time was contracted for us. I played some music, and we danced the most loving dance. I felt her breath and told her how much I loved her. I felt everything in a slow motion. Time was stretched yet when I looked at the clock two hours had passed. 

The real turning point is very vivid to me. Momma told me she had felt a pop (her waters had released) and that she needed to go to the bathroom. I knew you were very close once we got to the bathroom, I knew what to expect. Momma started to show a bit of discomfort in her face, nothing she couldn’t handle, but I thought maybe I could help by kissing her. I reached and caressed her face and begin to kiss her with the passion that only an incredibly proud husband can have for his amazing, birthing wife. I was very aware of my own calm and relaxed way. I wanted her to feel how I feel, relaxed and calm. And soon she did. Her face was in peace and I felt her body transitioned from rather tense to very relaxed and calm. It was an amazing thought that I had helped her in some small but powerful way. She was then ready to get back into the tub.

On the way back to the tub, (doula) commented that Momma’s belly looked different; we knew without a doubt you were very close. I helped Momma back into the birthing tub and caressed her back while she continued to breathe you down.
She massages your momma's back, as I kissed her face, and talked to her softly about her readiness to let you out.

The midwife was quite surprised when your Momma reached down, and having touched your head exclaimed that you were crowing. I was exhilarated and got into the birthing tub with her. I reached down and carefully felt your little head. (Doula) shone a flashlight into the tub and now I saw your precious little face for the first time. Your little hands were up by your face. Momma smiled as if something inside tickled her. She looked so calm, like a madonna. Then as if by some internal orchestration she looked at me as if beyond me, took a deep breath in blew out very slowly. In a fraction of a second  you came out into the water and into my hands. I then guided you onto Momma's belly. I am such a lucky man to be the first person to hold my baby girl, to welcome you into the world, and then to pass you into the loving arms of their Mother.

As I held the both of you, my girls, I thought: What a perfect moment.

I could never imagine how enamored I could be with my wife - you Momma. What an amazing woman she is! It still takes my breath away to think back and reflect at what an incredible thing she did. There are no words to describe my deepest respect and admiration I have for her. She is truly a gift and inspiration. She is the perfect role model for my daughter; and for me, a model of strength, courage, confidence and beauty. It is because of her I am a better man. She made birth look effortless and graceful. May the Lord bless you with these gifts of character from your Mother.

I really wish that everyone who assumes that the birth of a baby is an event necessary of medical care could have witnessed your birth. Your birth was like a perfect sunrise, captivating to behold in silence and impossible to deny how miraculous it really is. That’s the best way I can describe your birth; it was a brilliant sunrise, an everyday gift from God, and I wish that you may have the same experience with your husband many, many, many years from now ;-)

I love you!

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Doula's Comment on When to Cut the Cord

A mother asks, when to cut the umbilical cord to be sure that all of the blood gets to the baby. 

I noticed that home birth cords always seemed to pulsate longer than hospital birth cords.... I asked a midwife and she explained that a cord may visually appear to have stopped pulsing but that if you feel it between your fingers you will find that it is still pulsing, you can ask to check that way before cutting. 

After the cord stops pulsating, it is okay to cut the cord. The blood is done moving from the mom to the baby. I doubt there is any research to support that home birth cords pulsate longer. There is just less urgency and rush to cut the cord in a home birth. Each mom is individual, and a cord will pulsate individually, and on average it is about 10-15 minutes after the baby is born.

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