Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HypnoBirthing Affirmations for Stages of Labor

Between surges during thinning and opening phase

Assume relaxation, drift away into relaxation
Every muscle limp and at ease; feel the calm and peace
Body limp with total relaxation and peace
Turn your birthing over to your birthing body
Relax and trust your body to know what to do
So calm; so comfortable; so at peace
Mother and her body, working in total harmony

During surges—said softly but with more emphasis and direction

Body totally limp; go with your breathing
Trust your body; long, deep breaths
Fill the balloon; give it a color; fill it higher, higher
Breathe up, up, up; fill that balloon—SLOW breath up
See your soothing color and go deeper into relaxation
Body limp; arms limp; legs limp
Breathe up only from your birthing body
Opening with each new sensation
Body limp; shoulders limp; chest relaxed
Breathe one long breath; work with your baby
Baby and mother working together
Long, slow breath up
Release and relax downward now

During Birth Breathing—lovingly

Breathe love down to your baby
Breathe your loving energy down to the baby
Mother and baby working together to bring this miracle
Clear the path; make it smooth and easy
Follow the lead of your baby and body
Open the path for your baby
Nudge your baby gently down to birthing
See the petals of the blossom opening gently
Body following your baby’s lead
Gently, softly, breathe love down to your baby
Path now open and smooth
Baby slips down and out, easily, smoothly

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