Thursday, January 24, 2013

In HypnoBirthing Class They Asked Us What Date

She says, " In HypnoBirthing(R) class they asked us what date? And I said, December 1st. And you came out December 1st!"

Click to see the short video of a recent HypnoBirthing home water-birth. Calm as it was, smooth as it was, be ready to hear a lot of orgasmic vocalization with comments on how awesome it feels from the birthing mother. Identify with the experience of intended focused work of the mother and steady  calm support from the father and deliberate work of the two midwives.
Notice that the mother is very attuned to her body and knows to wait and feel the quality of the urge, as well as the movement of the baby, commenting that "the baby is right there," and the way it feels "this is awesome!!!" Notice your response while watching this video. Write your comment in the box below.
Finally the baby is out. She says, "Oh my god! I have a baby now! Let's see what you are? You are a girl!"
"What am going to do with a girl?" she contemplates between her elation, and deep breath of the calm satisfaction. Well, let's leave it for another class, shall we?
Tell your pregnant friends about the next HypnoBirthing(R) class starting February 17 (click to see more information).