Friday, November 9, 2012

New HypnoBirhting Classes in New York Are Forming Now

I have been getting inquiries so I want to introduce you to our next class and your future ideal birth experience via HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method.

Morrin Bass, PhD, HypnoBirthing
ChildBirth Educator,
New York Awareness Center 
The program consists of five group sessions for couples, two-and-a-half hours each.  You and your partner will be given personalized instruction based on the HypnoBirthing curriculum designed by Marie Mongan. This is the real deal.  

You will be taught to use the power of your mind, to be free of the fear of chidbirth that has, unfortunately, been programmed into every woman for the last 150 years.  You will learn to stay connected with your baby before, during, and after the birth event.  

Your partner will learn how to be able to stay involved and know exactly what to do to support you at the most important event in a woman's life.

There is a class forming now, and there is a limited amount of space. I never teach more than 3 couples in each class.  This way, you get personal, and effective instruction, and I can make sure your personal needs are accomodated. This offer is only for Moms who signed up for the affirmations. So put your name in the box on the left.

Don't lose any time!

Check our classes here: see if HypnoBirthing is for you!
Next Class starts December 4.

All the best,
Morrin Bass, PhD, HypnoBirthing Instructor

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