Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Avoid Artificial Induction - Hugs Before Drugs

How to start your labor NATURALLY?
  • There are ways to encourage labor along naturally, however, the most effective solution proved to be relaxation and hypnotherapy.
  • Go to a long walk in the park, or up and down the stairs, do some physical exercises
  • Acupuncture/ Acupressure/ Reflexology/ Aromatherapy with a professional
  • Raspberry leaf tea/ spicy foods
Make sure you have eliminated any lingering issues and limitations that may be dragging from your past. Thoughts about your own inability or childhood doubts are often very limiting. 
Make sure all the issues related to your organization of your birthing day are finished. Lingering painting job in the baby room, or husband's availability for the birth date, mother's and sister's unresolved issues, or who is going to take care of your 3-year-old daughter, when you are giving birth to her brother? 
You may also be having last minute concerns about giving birth, so a fear release/ limiting concern hypnosis session with your hypnotherapy professional will help. If you haven't yet attended a HypnoBirthing course, do so now, where you and your birth companion will get a birth release hypnosis script that will help you start your labor.
Mostly it is all about hugs. Kissing and stimulating the areas of sensitivity, nipples, light touch massage, tickling the skin, all bring up the levels of oxytocin that help start the labor. 
Get yourself into relaxed state, where the more you relax the more your muscles can get on with doing their job of thinning and opening.  
Use peaceful visualisations you’ve practiced, such as the opening flower bud, hot air balloon and birth release.
Don’t dismiss sex as a pleasurable option to start your labor.  What got you into this situation, and it can get you out of it. It may be the last thing on your mind at 40+ weeks pregnant, but semen contains prostaglandin which will start thinning your cervix. In fact, a synthetic version of prostaglandin is used to induce labor, so why not give a good go to the real thing?
And finally, remember to ask your baby to cooperate, explaining why it would be good for them the healthy aspects of natural birthing. Tell your baby how much you’re looking forward to meeting them, holding them, and what you’ve done to prepare for their arrival. You already learned that your mind is very powerful. They will pay attention to you, after all you are their mother!!!
Last and not least,  remember to use SELF HYPNOSIS. I can't tell you how many times I keep hearing form moms that this self-hypnosis helped her dilate and save her birth from being induced artificially, so you could have a wonderful experience of the peaceful safe and natural birth that you desire. 
Morrin is available to speak with you regarding your desire to have a peaceful calm birth that you want. 

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