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20% More American Women Chose to Birth at Home

Born at home.

What a peaceful feeling we get from hearing these words.

According to Birth Issues and Prenatal Care Journal, we see the reversal of the long downturn of the home birth trend. It has been emphasized in the research by the National Study for Health Statistics that the majority of home births is driven by women who are highly educated, are in excellent pre-natal health, mostly white and married, and are in the category of what is medically terme as low-risk.

For some of those women home birth is a second birth, and mostly preceded by a "bad" experience with a hospital birth the first time around.

Marian Declercq, author of the study, said that while this study was conducted by analyzing birth records, not through interviews, a previous study found that the top three reasons women gave for choosing home birth were:
1. Safety.
2. Avoidance of unnecessary medical interventions common in hospital births.
3. Previous negative hospital experience.
Safety ! WOW! that tell you a lot. If those who choose home birth choose it for safety....... How safe do you think is a hospital? Not safe at all....
Tina Cassidy, a Boston Journalist, who mentions research on the birth of Jackie Kennedy's children through her 4 scheduled C-sections in her encompassing book Birth: The Surprising Story of How We Are Born, writes about her own birthing experience: I was more comfortable, and felt safer there, than in a hospital,” she said. “The research shows home births are safer for low-risk women but doctors can’t seem to get that through their thick heads.”

How to Avoid Artificial Induction - Hugs Before Drugs

How to start your labor NATURALLY?
  • There are ways to encourage labor along naturally, however, the most effective solution proved to be relaxation and hypnotherapy.
  • Go to a long walk in the park, or up and down the stairs, do some physical exercises
  • Acupuncture/ Acupressure/ Reflexology/ Aromatherapy with a professional
  • Raspberry leaf tea/ spicy foods
Make sure you have eliminated any lingering issues and limitations that may be dragging from your past. Thoughts about your own inability or childhood doubts are often very limiting. 
Make sure all the issues related to your organization of your birthing day are finished. Lingering painting job in the baby room, or husband's availability for the birth date, mother's and sister's unresolved issues, or who is going to take care of your 3-year-old daughter, when you are giving birth to her brother? 
You may also be having last minute concerns about giving birth, so a fear release/ limiting concern hypnosis session with your hypnotherapy professional will help. If you haven't yet attended a HypnoBirthing course, do so now, where you and your birth companion will get a birth release hypnosis script that will help you start your labor.
Mostly it is all about hugs. Kissing and stimulating the areas of sensitivity, nipples, light touch massage, tickling the skin, all bring up the levels of oxytocin that help start the labor. 
Get yourself into relaxed state, where the more you relax the more your muscles can get on with doing their job of thinning and opening.  
Use peaceful visualisations you’ve practiced, such as the opening flower bud, hot air balloon and birth release.
Don’t dismiss sex as a pleasurable option to start your labor.  What got you into this situation, and it can get you out of it. It may be the last thing on your mind at 40+ weeks pregnant, but semen contains prostaglandin which will start thinning your cervix. In fact, a synthetic version of prostaglandin is used to induce labor, so why not give a good go to the real thing?
And finally, remember to ask your baby to cooperate, explaining why it would be good for them the healthy aspects of natural birthing. Tell your baby how much you’re looking forward to meeting them, holding them, and what you’ve done to prepare for their arrival. You already learned that your mind is very powerful. They will pay attention to you, after all you are their mother!!!
Last and not least,  remember to use SELF HYPNOSIS. I can't tell you how many times I keep hearing form moms that this self-hypnosis helped her dilate and save her birth from being induced artificially, so you could have a wonderful experience of the peaceful safe and natural birth that you desire. 
Morrin is available to speak with you regarding your desire to have a peaceful calm birth that you want. 

It's a girl! - A Testimonials From a New HypnoBirthing Mom

Hi Morrin!

Thank you so much for checking in!  Yes, I do have a Happy HypnoBirthing story to tell. 

Yes, it is a girl! She is more than we ever could have expected or imagined... 

This birth was such a blessing!!  I am so proud of myself and of our efforts together.

...The birth went well. I mean really peaceful and calm. All went beyond my expectations. Hypnobirthing proved to be a wonderful tool, and as I transitioned SOOOO fast that both my midwife and doula were completely amazed and shocked!!   

My water broke at 7:30 pm and by midnight I was FULLY dialated. Me and worked really beautifully together.....

Thank you so much for all of your training and coaching. You were a HUGE help in our home Hypnobirthing experience.

...I delivered completely naturally, totally safe and normal. it is amazing how normal it seems in retrospect. We are so happy.

...The complete home birth experience, where the labor was great, and in the end - the birth was just as great as the last accord in the great symphony about love and life!

Thank you for checking in!!!


, and

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Celebrity Jessica Alba speaks about HypnoBirthing on TV

Jessica Alba is pregnant for the second time. Last week on Ellen Degeneres Show she talked about her preparation for her birth - calm and smiling.

"It's not like the clock in front of your face and you go out and you wake up and you got a baby," Alba joked. 
"Basically my husband takes me through sort of a meditation. He'll say, 'you're relaxed, and you're floating on clouds while you're going through labor and your contractions. 
"I'm just concentrating on breathing and staying relaxed because it's when you get tense that makes the whole labor worse and more painful. That's all it is. It's not like a weird thing."
Alba also mentioned that concentrating on the words from her husband "is sort of calming and wonderful."

HypnoBirthing in the News

The Self Hypnosis for pain management during labor trial has been organized in England with 800 women expected to take part across Lancashire and Greater Manchester and is due to finish end of July next year (2012).   The aim is to assess the effectiveness of the technique for women by primarily looking at the rates of epidural usage in labor by maternal request.  Secondary aims include looking at the physical and psychological benefits for women, the wellbeing of the babies and the economic benefits for the National Health System (in England).
This is the largest of the studies carried out on the use of hypnosis for birth. 
Previous studies have shown that hypnosis reduces analgesia requirements in labour1,2 and that hypnotherapy has decreased the length of both first and second stages of labor, particularly for first time mothers2.
As the BBC recently reported:
Dr Downe, a midwifery expert at the University of Central Lancashire (England), said: “The mind and body are actually linked.
“There is an effect in the way people think and feel in what happens in their body.
“The reason we are looking at this – apart from the fact women have asked us to look at it – is because it appears if you can reduce anxiety in women through the use of hypnosis we can then reduce pain because pain and anxiety are connected.”


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Post Due Baby? Is there such thing?

Question from a doula chat-room:

does anyone know of any good sites where a woman can read stories from women who went past due date and how they dealt with the situation emotionally? i think it helps to hear other folks who have been through it and how they worked through it emotionally while feeling anxious/impatient, etc...any ideas?

Answer from Morrin Bass:

Dear Helping Doula:

As childbirth educator and a hypnotherapist, I encountered "past due" pregnancies. The common reason for it being past due is a miscalculation of the "due date". Moms do get nervous and forget to relax. Last "past due"mom I saw was trying to avoid artificial induction on Monday, so she called on Wednesday before, and after her hypnosis session on Thursday her husband texted me on Sunday (before the schedule induction date) that "Mom and baby are doing fine." 

Explain to the mom that the baby does not yet "feel" ready, and therefore, for her to wait patiently until the baby is ready, is the best thing to do right now.

The last few days of pregnancy, according to a research from Oxford University, are very important for the baby's development of brain function, and the motor cortex as well as overall immune system, and development of baby's breathing functions. 

It is most important for her now to devote time to relaxation and staying put, during which time the baby can finish up the development, try out the moves, preparing for the decent, which the baby can do more productively if the mom is in a quiet and peaceful mode, so the hormonal input from her brain is correlated to the correct development of the baby. (Otherwise, baby is in a constant state of stress, which impedes development of major functions in the latest stages of development.)

Lastly, Hypnotherapy is a known way to relaxation of mother and baby, and if she needs (and wants) to avoid artificial induction, she needs to see a hypnotherapist specializing in birth related issues. (If you don't know of one to refer her to in your area, let me know.) If she is prepared for birthing at home, let her wait and most importantly enjoy the last few days of her pregnancy, which becomes unforgettable time for her and her baby. 

Best Wishes,
Morrin Bass, PhD
New York Awareness Center

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HypnoBirthing Class or Why Smart Moms Prepare For Birth

Why take your HypnoBirthing Classes at New York Awareness Center?

New York Awareness Center has long been a school for best education in the Tri-State area. We uniquely combine the reality of birthing education and the spiritual awareness in preparation to the unknown. Morrin Bass is your HypnoBirthing Facilitator. Morrin is trained by Mickey Mongan the author of HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method, the book you see below, which became the basis for this class. Morrin is a professional Hypnosis instructor for over 10 years and delivers superior service in the field of training hypnotism. Her school for private training is recognized and is easily the best in New York City.  And we offer great personal service. But your don't have to believe me. Read these testimonials:

"Dear Morrin,
...we had our baby girl, , on April 13th! She was born at 6:09 am after about 7 hours of beautiful and easy "labor." I used Hypnobirhting breathing and led me through imagery throughout and I never "pushed." came out just perfect and there was NO BLOOD, NO TEAR, and even NO SWELLING. swam out of me in the birthing tub into 's hands and he brought her right up to my chest. The cord was cut much later and we just sat and marveled at her beauty. Our daughter (3 3/4 yrs) watched the whole thing and even had her hand on my shoulder while emerged. To have this imprint of what birth can be on 's brain brings me so much joy. Having this kind of birth has been a gift for our whole family. Thank you for your instruction and encouragement." Orianna, 33

Morrin Bass, PhD, HypnoBirthing Instructor

"Dear Morrin,
Thank you so much for all that you did for us, it was great meeting you, and getting to practice with you. I am so happy we decided to take real classes, I know it will make a big difference, and I am very very happy it was with you. We are so grateful to you for the great energy, expertise, and dedication that you brought into our home, it's an experience that we will never forget. ....:Sarah.33

Need more? Go to Click on Happy HypnoBirthing Stories.

Midwife and Doula in HypnoBirthing Birth

What's a Doula?

The word doula comes from the Greek word meaning "woman caregiver." 

The word is now used to describe a trained labor companion who provides the woman and her partner continuous emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in obtaining information before, during and just after childbirth. 

Labor support consists of helping a woman develop her own rhythms and rituals, providing distractions with breathing patterns, comforting touch, varying positions, use of a birth ball, warm or cold compresses, vocalization, visualization, relaxation, or whatever is needed to provide comfort. 

Every birth is a unique experience and she will work with you to modify and vary comfort measures as desired and needed.

Know the difference between a midwife and a doula. 
A midwife provides prenatal care, delivery of the baby, care of the mother post-partum and newborn care. The midwife is responsible for the safety of mother and baby. Some kinds of midwives also provide family planning, annual exams, and other kinds of well-woman gynecology.

Certified doulas do not provide any kind of medical care. For instance, they would not listen to the baby's heart beat or do a vaginal exam or deliver the baby. However, a doula is instrumental in providing emotional and physical support for the laboring woman and her family (husband) and/or post-partum care of the mother and baby. Doula care has been shown to improve outcomes for both moms and babies shown through many studies.

doula can specialize in assiting you at just your baby birth, or post-partum (after the baby arrival) care of mother and baby, or both. A birth doula stays with you throughout your labor, no matter how many hours it lasts, and leaves after the baby arrives.

Many doulas know massage techniques, or belly casting (making a cast of your full belly for decoration at home), or know to prepare your placenta after delivery to take as pills to eliminate post-partum symptoms, or prenatal yoga they can show you, HypnoBirthing relaxations, lactation consulting, photography or videography of birthing or after birth, etc. Call up a couple of them to find the one who is available and again, who 'clicks' with you: she will be your hand-maiden in your birth room, and will keep you and your husband comfortable.

The post-partum doulas can stay  with you (a new mom) longer, or come after the baby arrives, for a few hours a day, to clean up, take care of you, teach you to breastfeed the baby, and how to take care of the baby, some will shop and cook for you.

If you choose to want to find a post-partum doula who takes care of you after the birth, please connect with her in advance as well. Doulas' experience is reflected in amount of births she attended and the price she charges.
How to Hire a HypnoBirthing Doula?

A doula can greatly enhance your experience of childbirth and the postpartum. Your HypnoBirthing birth doula will be at your side along with your care provider and partner, as part of your team for continuous support during labor and birth. Or maybe you’d like a postpartum doula to help you through the transition into parenthood and family. Either way, finding a good fit for you and your family is critical.

A doula’s education, training, experience and credentials are important. When doulas have DONA International certification, you know that they have had the best education and training available. You can also be assured that they have a strong sense of professionalism and integrity.

Also important is doula's experience. Many doulas attended hundreds of births and have enormous wealth of knowledge and practical experience. Some have just started. Their pricing will depend greatly on the experience and confidence in assisting you in the birth that you want.

You will also want to consider whether you and your partner feel comfortable with an individual doula. You will need to feel that this doula is supportive of your hopes and expectations about labor, childbirth and parenting, in addition to having a strong professional background and credentials. That is why we recommend the following four-step hiring process when hiring a birth or postpartum HypnoBirthing doula.

Morrin Bass specializes in training hypnoBirthing doulas for moms specific needs. Certification classes are offered at New York Awareness Center. 

Final Labor Stage - Placenta Birthing

Many people of the world have known the secret power of the placenta as a medicinal supplement. Among the Chinese and Vietnamese, it is a customary practice to prepare the placenta for consumption by the mother. The placenta is thought to be rich in nutrients that the mother needs to recover more readily from childbirth. In Italy, women have been known to eat parts of the placenta to help with lactation. Hungarian women bite the placenta to expedite the completion of labor. And knowledgeable midwives in this country have their birth mothers take bites of raw placenta to help stop hemorrhaging, due to its beneficial oxytocin content.

There are a variety of potential benefits to placentophagy. For one, the placenta contains vitamins and minerals that may help fight depression symptoms, such as vitamin B6. For another, the placenta is considered rich in iron and protein, which would be useful to women recovering from childbirth, and a particular benefit to vegetarian women.
Stage V / Birthing of the placenta
Physical Aspects
• Surges will temporarily stop.
• Placenta will detach and come out.
• Experience vaginal bleeding, chills, shaking, possible hunger, thirst or exhaustion.
• Eat a piece of placenta for healthy quick restoring of hormonal balance
• Start breastfeeding baby.
Role of Dad and/or Support Person
• Absorbed in looking at baby.
• Praise all of mom’s efforts.
• Share experiences and feelings.
Emotional Aspects
• Absorbed in looking at baby.
• Feel a sense of accomplishment.
• May be very excited and relaxed like after a workout.
Social Aspects
• Wants a lot of contact with baby.
• Alert, happy talkative. Possibly laughing or crying.
• Expresses a sense of great relief.

Happy HypnoBirthing Story

Released photo
Morrin, I can' tell you how amazed I am still after the baby had arrived and it has been a few days! We're so very very proud to say Christopher arrived on the 21st May, and no less weighing 10lb!!! 

HypnoBirthing works, that's all I can say. 

Thank you so much! I haven't been in touch yet because we were enjoying ourselves, and our beautiful son Chris is doing very well.

My labour started in the morning as I planned, so again thanks for helping me plan my birth!!

I kept having tightenings every 10 minutes over the entire day. I relaxed and (my husband) kept me very focused during the surges reading the relaxation and touching me with light touch.
We used Self-hypnosis and the deepening techniques pretty consistently.
Needless to say that without HypnoBirthing practice I was not going to be able to focus throughout this time, I'm not sure what I would have done! Paul was an absolute rock and he was able to use the relaxation techniques and deepening technique, which really helped. So thank you for insisting on practicing the techniques.

We left for the hospital the next morning at about 5.30am and I listened to the affirmations in the car and I listened to the music on loop for what seemed like a long time once at the hospital. Once my waters had broken I went from 4-5 cm to fully dilated by 7.30pm, pretty much in 2 hours, during which time I listened to the rainbow relaxation on loop and Paul said that I was doing really well and had gone completely inside myself!

By 7.30 I felt the strongest desire to push, and although this isn't what HypnoBirthing suggests, I remembered this and was breathing him out, it was ultimately an animalistic desire to push – I resisted and boy, was I glad that I did not push.
I felt it was up to me, and suddenly it became possible to enjoy it, and I chose to translate my sensations to pleasure. May sound a bit strange, but this is what it was, I felt a sensation of strong funneled movement in my hips and I thought it love, pleasure and joy for my baby moving out.
I feel a huge sense of achievement and no tears, about which I am really happy.  My recovery is a million times better than with Lily because it was drug free and natural and I can see the difference in Chris.

I had no idea it would really work so effectively on the day when I needed it but it did.
The birth required a huge amount of focus from both me and Paul to maintain it, particularly once my waters broke and the surges came thick and fast, but it really does work : )
I am really glad we practiced beforehand, and that you kept at it with us. 
Thank you so much again!!

Lots of love,
Lucy, xoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!

HypnoBirthing Stages of Labor - Birthing

Stage IV / Birthing of the baby (baby enters the world)
Physical Aspects
• Surges spaced further apart, every 2-5 mins, lasting 45-99 seconds.
• Bulging bottom with possible bloody vaginal discharge.
• Getting a second wind, breathing deeply and slowly with surges.
• May feel a burning sensation so relax pelvic floor.
Emotional Aspects
• Oxytocin inflow, more excited, expectant.
• “I can’t do this.” Means the end of labor is here
• Excited that labor is almost over, and amazed.
Social Aspects
• Silent concentrated breathing.
• Wants dad and/or support person around
• No track of time and surroundings.
• Concentrating only on birthing the baby.
Role of Dad and/or Support Person
• Assist mother into the desired position (squat, or other).
• Keep encouraging her and keep her abreast of the progress of the baby’s descent.
• Keep her focused on her breathing, bearing baby down.
• Remind her to relax
• Use deepening techniques
• Remind her to relax her bottom and remind her to breathe and not hold her breath.
• Birth will be a profoundly moving experience.

HypnoBirthing Stages of Labor - Transition

Stage III
Transition-Active Birthing Mindful Breathing (dilating 8-10cm)
Physical Aspects
• Strong surges, 1-3 minutes apart, lasting 50-90 seconds.
• Frequent surges are double or triple peaking and feeling a premature urge to push – resist and breathe.
• Body temperature fluctuations - hot during surges, cold between surges.
• Hiccuping, vomiting, leg cramps and severe backache are common.
• Use relaxation to prevent those.
• This is the shortest part of labor, but it is the most intense.
Social Aspects
• Complete self-focus.
• Wants constant companionship.
• Overwhelmed and needs encouragement to keep focus.
Emotional Aspects
• Irritability easily helped by relaxation.
• Difficulty concentrating.
• Needs reminders and support in keeping focus and perspective.
• Remain calm; this is the most important part
Role of Dad and/or Support Person
• Give counterpressure to sides of lower back. 
• Massage.
• Nipple stimulation.
• Active touching, sexual stimulation, kissing
• Keep focus on Birth breathing
• Responsible for the outside to let her remain focused
• Keep focused on the breathing
• Remain calm; help her by keeping calm, non-chalant, exhibit mature behavior.
• Use eye contact to keep her focused.
• Reassure her that the baby birth is near.

HypnoBirthing Stages of Labor Part III Birthing Phase

Stages of Labor 
Birthing Phase
Baby descends and emerges 
Natural Expulsive reflex--NER
Mom feels need to change breathing pattern to breathe down              
Mom follows the lead of her body, quieting and calming surges
Mom remains in or assumes whatever position she is comfortable with for Birth Breathing,
Inhales through her nose and exhales gradually through her nose, projecting the energy of the breath to the back of throat and down to the vagina—mouth closed on intake and exhalation.
Prompts given only by Father-To-Be/Birth Companion or Doula - Labor Companion if requested
Sitting on toilet until crowning.
Lateral—on her side, bended leg, supported by nurse or companion, or resting on several pillows,
Slanted J breath—(modified squat), resting just above tailbone; shoulders and back on pillows, feet outward to side at buttocks, or knees outward, resting on pillows
Leaping Frog; Semi-squatting; Birth Stool; Leaning on Birth Companion; Supported Squat;
Leaning on Birth Companion 


HypnoBirthing Affirmations for Stages of Labor

Between surges during thinning and opening phase

Assume relaxation, drift away into relaxation
Every muscle limp and at ease; feel the calm and peace
Body limp with total relaxation and peace
Turn your birthing over to your birthing body
Relax and trust your body to know what to do
So calm; so comfortable; so at peace
Mother and her body, working in total harmony

During surges—said softly but with more emphasis and direction

Body totally limp; go with your breathing
Trust your body; long, deep breaths
Fill the balloon; give it a color; fill it higher, higher
Breathe up, up, up; fill that balloon—SLOW breath up
See your soothing color and go deeper into relaxation
Body limp; arms limp; legs limp
Breathe up only from your birthing body
Opening with each new sensation
Body limp; shoulders limp; chest relaxed
Breathe one long breath; work with your baby
Baby and mother working together
Long, slow breath up
Release and relax downward now

During Birth Breathing—lovingly

Breathe love down to your baby
Breathe your loving energy down to the baby
Mother and baby working together to bring this miracle
Clear the path; make it smooth and easy
Follow the lead of your baby and body
Open the path for your baby
Nudge your baby gently down to birthing
See the petals of the blossom opening gently
Body following your baby’s lead
Gently, softly, breathe love down to your baby
Path now open and smooth
Baby slips down and out, easily, smoothly