Sunday, December 16, 2012

Don't Look Away! Your Boy Is Watching!

I want to give you some importnat pice of information that you may have not noticed. There is neuroscientific research about newborn boys, that genetically boys are programmed differently than girls.

Any mother desires to look into her baby's eyes as soon as the baby is born. Gazing into your baby's eyes is the most significant moment. And all the mother wants to do is to keep gazing....

Well, the boys are genetically programmed to look into your eyes, check you out, make sure you are mom, or dad, and then look away. Boys keep and direct their attention in a different way than girls.

Boys, who are becoming men, are a programmed for protection, and hunting. They have to be fast and they have to be checking out the environment. That's why they look away, to protect. Then they always return their gaze to you.

Usually, and unfortunately though, the majority of moms already also took their gaze elsewhere. You are not looking at me, I am not looking at you. So the boy returns his gaze to his moms' but she is busy elsewhere. By the time they are 3 months old, they are already habituated the inability to keep deep and prolonged eye contact. And with this, the inability to deep emotional connection, understanding, and compassion.

The girls are different. Girls are programmed for gathering, nurturing, mothering. They gaze and gaze and gaze into your eyes since birth. They are able to watch you for hours, sharing exchanging love. Due to the genetic programming, girls are emotionally open to compassion toward another since early age.

Then they both grow up. And one day, on the first date, she wants his emotional openness, and he is gazing away, checking things out. It's not that they have different goals, just different genetic imprint.

Help your son to regain this ability to significant eye contact. Allow your baby to have all the possibilities and all the love you stared for him so far. Gaze into your boy's eyes, even if he looks away, and when he looks away, keep looking at him, so when he returns his eyes to yours, you are here for him. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


As always, my luck, I stick my head into a chat room where I never was before and find this news:


Imagine, if the world adopted HypnoBirthing as the new way of birthing ALL BABIES!!!

Well, I hope, in my dreams!

Anyway, Kate Middleton's pregnancy plan involves HypnoBirthing which means she will remove the fear of giving birth by calming her body/mind to a state of self-hypnosis.

READ the full article here.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

HYPNOBIRTHING®: GOLDEN SEAL Of Approval From The HypnoBirthing® Institute - Demand Superior and Expect the Best

The Best of the Best in the HypnoBirthing® profession operate under the Golden Seal of approval from the HypnoBirthing®  Institute, elevating the quality of service in HypnoBirthing® training into a superior set of philosophy and techniques. When researching your future enrollment beware of imitation classes, promising success in under 12 hours of training from unqualified uncertified specialists portraying HypnoBirthing® affiliation under a different name. Look for the Registered trademark after the HypnoBirthing® title and the golden seal of approval to lead you to a qualified HypnoBirthing® professional in your area.

Here at New York Awareness center we service most of the Tri-State area moms and dads-to-be.  Repeat student for second and third child come back to reinforce their skills and get updated information. 

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Friday, December 7, 2012


I stumbled upon these fabulous hats for your newborn for holidays right here. What a cute little corded hat, to keep your newborn healthy and happy. 



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Friday, November 9, 2012

New HypnoBirhting Classes in New York Are Forming Now

I have been getting inquiries so I want to introduce you to our next class and your future ideal birth experience via HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method.

Morrin Bass, PhD, HypnoBirthing
ChildBirth Educator,
New York Awareness Center 
The program consists of five group sessions for couples, two-and-a-half hours each.  You and your partner will be given personalized instruction based on the HypnoBirthing curriculum designed by Marie Mongan. This is the real deal.  

You will be taught to use the power of your mind, to be free of the fear of chidbirth that has, unfortunately, been programmed into every woman for the last 150 years.  You will learn to stay connected with your baby before, during, and after the birth event.  

Your partner will learn how to be able to stay involved and know exactly what to do to support you at the most important event in a woman's life.

There is a class forming now, and there is a limited amount of space. I never teach more than 3 couples in each class.  This way, you get personal, and effective instruction, and I can make sure your personal needs are accomodated. This offer is only for Moms who signed up for the affirmations. So put your name in the box on the left.

Don't lose any time!

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All the best,
Morrin Bass, PhD, HypnoBirthing Instructor

Affiliated With The HypnoBirthing Institute

Friday, September 28, 2012

True Ecstasy of Primal Birth

I ROARRRRRR'ed my second child into this world...and immediately after she was born, the feeling of her laying on my chest was truly ecstasy.
Many of my student-moms report peace and calm during their labor and birth of their child. They say they got to practice relaxation and breathing and a few other techniques and visualizations, and had a smooth transition to crowning.

Many say they used an effective technique called toning. Vocal toning is nothing other than full exhalation. When we experience sensations, calm deep breathing helps us alleviate those sensations and translate them into pleasure. 

Vocal toning can be effective in creating a particular mood or feeling. When we experience pleasure we "purr" or "roar" with ecstasy, as described in the quote above. Often we "owh," and "mhm," and create sensations with peaceful rolls in our vocal cords. 

At final stages of birthing, when baby is crowning, there is an urge to push. Breathe with it. Some moms find it easy to go primal and roar on the exhale going with the flow of this urge. 

It is so easy to find your way, when you are calm. At all times keep the calm attitude and the positive way of joyful anticipation of your baby. 

Your body knows what to do!

Share your comments, observations, and share this post with your pregnant friends.
Our next HypnoBirthing class will teach them how to achieve a calm birth and enjoy your labor.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's All In The Language

language of hypnobirthing

It's all in the language. Whatever you want happen, you name it, and that's what goes on.
A recent mom from my Hypnobirthing class followed my exercise to create her Ideal Birth. It's about when the labor starts, how it goes and how she behaves in it, in the narrative form.

Her birth was going to start on Saturday. That's what her story told. She was going to visit with her parents in their country house in New Jersey, for a day, to spend some nice time at the beach, (it was a summer day,) and after that she would return to labor at home with her husband Jeff. On Sunday, in the morning, she would be dilated 8 cm, and with her doula, she would go to the hospital. At 3pm, she notes, "My boy comes out happy and calm. We are all elated and celebrate by smiling and hugging."

Loui came out at 3:15pm that Sunday.
Maria was indeed elated and very serene throughout the whole scene.

When Jeff, her husband, called me to share the news with me, and she got on the phone, still excited and elated, I asked her admiringly: "How were you able to pull that off?" She said simply, "You taught that it is all in the language, didn't you? I took it to heart and... to ear and practiced with my baby."

Turns out she created that story Ideal Birth with incredible detail, as required by exercise. Each night she asked her husband to recite it to her, and she relived each detail, each motion, each movement, each emotion, each word of it with heart. She cried each time her baby was born, each night, with happiness. She revivified how simple it was for her to keep calm, because she breathed deeply, and relaxed seriously. Her body learned to relax so deeply, her mind let go so completely, that each night her husband Jeff told her the story she lived the story of her birth, with surges, with changing positions, with arms around his neck in virtual dance, with baby quietly listening to the story over and over.

It is no wonder when labor started the only option her body new was to move through the motions of the exercise. In her pre-conditioned over a period of weeks body, and mind, the only option to her behavior was what was described in the story: Calm, peaceful, focused labor deep breathing through surges, concentrated determined relaxation.

But I am still at awe, what our mind can do. I have been teaching hypnosis for over a decade. I have taught this exercise to hundreds of coupes. More than 90 per cent of my couples had a great birth because of this exercise. Yet, I am still in fascination about the power of our mind.

Dr. Imoto, a Japanese doctor, did an experiment. In one petri dish the monks poured water and whispered to it loving words, angelic wisdoms, and then froze the water. Perfect crystalline structures were the consequence of that experiment. In another petri dish they poured water and whispered ugly, hating words to it, and after freezing that water, the broken structures without rule came out.

Positive words have power beyond all limitations, influencing human behavior beyond belief.
Negative words have power as well, and they influence human behavior too. Only which ones are more useful to the outcome we want?

Would you rather have anger or calmness?

Pain or pleasure?

If your answer is calmness, or pleasure, what are you willing to give up in order to have that? Would you give up bad habits, indecision, and doubt in favor of enthusiasm for practice conditioning your body and mind once or twice a day with a set of positive action suggestions?

In my HypnoBirthing class, I often suggest, that in order to have what you want, you must decide to have it. Many say, in labor, I want to have as little pain as possible. And look, our brain works this way: as soon as you say the word pain, your attention is on pain, searching for it all over your body, and.... finding it! Thinking about it multiplies the sensations.

Instead choose to use your imagination and create the scenes of your favorite places. Like one mom-to-be knew she can't have the conditions for her labor in the way she wants, and she learns to use her imagination, with visualizations of the beach, warm sunshine and ocean caressing her belly, conditioning her brain with neurologically useful exercises for increased production of oxytocin. 

Listen to what Amber, the birthing mom from documentary Orgasmic Birth, had to say: "I knew I had to choose between pain and pleasure, and I kept choosing the pleasure, and thinking about it, made me feel pleasure deeper and deeper. And then, Nassim [husband] and I had out most mushy kiss, and I became so soft, and the waves of softness just kept coming through me, with pleasure, almost orgasmic kind of pleasure, until I could not contain it anymore and I just let it out, and that's when the baby moved all the way down."

The other day I heard from a couple who didn't want to practice. In the class they said, neah, we both are so busy, have no time, this class is just for the information. Mom-to-be is a very busy corporate person, and dad-to-be is away on tours much of the time. Their consensus was that it is enough to read the book. At week 35 of her pregnancy mom went on a business trip to LA. Well, the baby didn't like such attitude and turned breach but instead of relaxing and taking care of the baby's position using hypnosis, the c-section was scheduled. To avoid difficulties, allow yourself to relax more often and learn to follow the flow.

We use language in a habituated way, often without noticing what is being communicated. Start paying attention to what you say to yourself and others, as a simple way of controlling your own hypnotic suggestions. 

I am here to educate you about your opportunities and choices, and to inspire you to take steps to have what you want, so your baby has the experience the baby deserves. It is important to begin exercising your parenting skills way before the baby arrives. Then the whole new generation of well adjusted, easy learning, caring and compassionate leaders emerges from the peaceful and calm birthing experience you have.

-- Morrin Bass, PhD 
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HypnoBirthing: Expecting the Baby Not the Pain

The 25-year-old former nanny learned these relaxation and visualization techniques in a hypnotherapy course she took in hopes of minimizing the pain of childbirth. "It's so corny-sounding," she says, and yet it worked. She describes her daughter Aster's July 7 arrival as "fun—even enjoyable," words not many other mothers use when describing the experience. Read full article here.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pregnancy Hypnosis

Those who are interested in hypnosis and its influential power on the way we think, feel and behave, know that hypnosis feels great, and is helpful in preparation for calm childbirth. Usually a pregnant woman loves a meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques, particularly if they are sprinkled with positive suggestions and encouraging visualizations.

According to the Association for Psychological Science article in Health News Digest, regular practice of hypnosis alters a pregnant woman's brain and creates positive change preparing her for a more successful birth.

At no other time in her life a woman experiences such a massive hormonal change, as in her pregnancy, psychologists suggest. Her brain produces enormous amounts of hormones that are related to creating an environment for her baby that is preparing the baby for the successful birth into a person.  

If a mommy is happy her baby floats in a hormones of happiness, oxytocin and endorphins, if the mommy is troubled, her baby floats in adrenalin infused amniotic fluid. In addition, the endless cycle of influencing each other's chemical composition of the bloodstream, mood and movement, mom transmits to the baby, and baby to the mom, whatever is influencing their response to what is happening in their environment right now.

Science supports frequent hypnotic relaxation and breathing, hypnotic visualizations and positive suggestions in order to encourage a pregnant woman's brain to produce more oxytocin, in turn allowing her to enhance the experience of herself during pregnancy giving her additional confidence to birth her baby in a peaceful way. The rested and calm mom has better responsiveness and ability to bond with the baby, and is more equipped to have the birth in a way she wants: calm and smooth.

Hypnobirthing classes teach a pregnant mom how to affect her own brain to produce more oxytocin and give tools to her husband to create the environment of peace and confidence as she approaches her final weeks in her pregnancy in preparation to an enjoyable labor and birth.

For the full article follow this link.
For HypnoBirthing classes and information click here.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Epidurals - Danger At Your Back - How Ineffective and Dangerous Epidural Is

Many pregnant women think it is ok to have an epidural, although studies had proven that epidurals are dangerous for the mother and the baby.

Respiratory problems in babies, resulting from the mother's epidural, continue to develop into most cases of asthma.

Moms never question the doctor who suggests it, while most of the time it is not necessary and dangerous. The hole in your back bleeds for days and is open to a chance of infection. In the last study of 2 million women who had epidural, something went wrong in 8 cases, and those women are not able to walk anymore - without any reason. In some other cases they witness their baby's sudden death.

Informed decision is key here. I don't know any mother-to-be who would not want to be present to her baby's first gaze, first breath, her baby's first suckle on her nipple. And this is exactly what she would miss, numbed by the drug. What happens to a mother's brain when epidural is administered? Blurring of mind, mis-coordination of movement, tiredness, loss of self-control, inability to think clearly.

The pain of labor, that everyone is talking about, is controlled by the woman's mind. If she feels safe, she can relax. If she feels unsure, she is tense and the pain is imminent. This is how our body works: Fear leads to tension which leads to pain.  We want to be safe. 

With hypnosis, relaxation, breathing and visualizations, self-hypnosis and other techniques, offered in HypnoBirthing, horizons of possibilities of one-s mind move away. A pregnant mother's mind is very powerful, loving and creative. Natural hormones are powerful opiates and naturally numb the pain in the various stages of labor. Hormonal changes took place to prepare her ability to take charge and make her labor an enjoyable event, a normal progression in her life.

In natural labor, a woman goes through a series of hormonal changes, from which emerges her strength and maturity as a mother. She needs this time to learn to relax, and learn to pay attention to what really matters - her baby's communications.

I know, that I can't do much on my own. I am not a doctor, I am not a nurse, not even a doula to be  in the labor room and look into your eyes with a question: What do you really want to choose?

I educate as many mothers as I can reach, and if you are listening, please spread the word about  epidural side effects and choose the power of your mind instead of drugs. Use HypnoBirthing. It's easy and it is fun!

The choice is not between the pain and comfort, the choice is between a possible irreparable damage to the health of your baby, and the natural power of your mind, with the love of motherhood.

Think again! Be smart and take a long deep breath instead of epidural. 

Here is a link to the full article by a birthing professional.

Here is a link to the HypnoBirthing Information. The next HypnoBirthing class starts Sunday June 10.
Are you ready for your labor?

Let me hear from you, send me your comments. Type them in the space below and after approval they will appear for all. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

When Does Learning Begin - The Latest From Brain Science

Pop quiz: When does learning begin? 
Answer: Before we are born. 

Science writer Annie Murphy Paul talks through new research that shows how much we learn in the womb -- from the lilt of our native language to our soon-to-be-favorite foods.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Beyond Breasfeeding Purpose

From one mom's blog:
"my breasts are not pacifiers. Comfort sucking is not time wasted. It’s part of the job that my body and you have. It is how we evolved. We are the product of a long process of evolution that causes you to seek out my arms and my breasts, to suckle for comfort, to communicate with my immune system, to stay close and warm and..." READ MORE here at her page

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Watch A Wonderful Pregnancy Video

Sharing with you today a wonderful video of value of happy pregnancy, positive thinking, putting your focus and attention to preparation and love for your new baby.

Remember that the new HypnoBirthing classes start next week. If you haven't yet had a chance to review the value of HypnoBirthing preparation in creating and keeping mental focus, creating positive language patterns for your pregnancy affirmations and communications with your baby, visit us here



Have a Happy Birthing Day!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Watching The News Before Sleep?

Some of you may know that I teach HypnoBirthing classes from a scientific perspective, so there is no questions left out, and you feel absolutely comfortable with your preparation. As a neuro-scientist, and HypnoBirthing educator, I always emphasize to the moms and dads-to-be in class, how important it is to incorporate relaxation into their daily routine of HypnoBirthing® preparation exercises.

Recent studies at the Hunter College in New York show a virtual reality project introduced to a control group.
The scientists introduced photographs of nature, animals and peaceful scenes for a period of time and then a series of scenes of violence and abuse. The report was very telling. The information last seen before sleep is retained by the brain and circulated in our consciousness for the next 8 hours. So whatever you are watching before sleep - make sure it is not the news, action movies or thrillers.

Instead, science suggests, take a walk around the block. Walk to the nearest corner and back, take a few deep breaths, listen to the silence, birds, or smell the flowers. Notice when the baby in you is moving around, and when the baby is calming down. Listen to the signs from the baby. Dream about the perfect birth. Stay calm and fantasize that all is well. Your baby is listening to your thoughts. Make sure your thoughts are good ones.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why Buy Expensive Toys

This is my all time favorite youtube piece: Why Buy Expensive Toys?
Enjoy laughter...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

HypnoBirthing for Everyone

HypnoBirthing is for everyone, not just for those who choose home birth. In fact, we do not advocate home birth only. We support any choice of birth you make: Birthing center, water birth, home birth and even a hospital helped birth. The only thing we do not advocate and do not support is drugged birth, scheduled cesareans and unnecessarily manipulated birthing. We do not support deliberate ignorance and carelessness. We teach you to be comfortable at your birth and be safe, as well as be able to feel the way to WANT to feel, happy, elated, joyful, bonded with your baby and loved ones, orgasmic, loving, light, smiling, or laughing, rather than scared and pained. We help you relieve the fears and concerns before birthing, so you can go into the birthing happy and light and enjoy your time.

When you give birth at home, your feel safer, unrushed, comfortable and supported by your family, than in a hospital facility, where you are pushed to finish up, and agree to measures you don't like, or have no decision privilege. Fact: in 1900s 90% of all births happened at home; in 1955 only 1% of births took place at home. Business of Being Born, a Documentary by Ricki Lake, sites: Hospitals are businesses, beds need to be filled and then emptied, and many women do not have the time to enjoy the birthing process naturally, as it should go on. They are induced, they are sped up, they are made to comply the orders of the hospital, doctors, and the whole business of birthing. Use of Caesarian section is peaking. In the 1970s - only 40%, last decade -70%, since 1996 the case of using caesarian section for birthing had risen to 96%, in 2005 on in every three women had caesarian!

Enroll in HypnoBirthing classes at New York Awareness Center, starting April 17. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stay In The Flow

Dear Pregnant Mom,
Whether or not you are aware, during pregnancy, labor and birhing of your baby you experience a separation from ordinary reality, allowing you to experience a deeper connection with your baby.
This is what I have called "Being in the flow". "Staying in the flow" is when you have access to the "Flow" by "Being in the FLow" all the time, at will.
  Most people live their life by someone else's design: they are told what to do, and they go on doing it.
  By staying in the flow you step into the opportunity to break that cycle, for yourself and for your baby
and to begin to create a new template of your choosing easily and gently making the subtle changes in attitude and action that create a labor where satisfaction and enjoyment are at least POSSIBLE.
If you've read this far you probably are more interested and willing than 99% of pregnant women to whom I sent this letter, which  makes you special. The sad truth is that most people are seeking a magic pill for their labor, and they are unwilling to do what it takes to have what they want:
Yes, the magic pill exists and it is just a temporary fix for those who don't want to feel the full satisfaction from the birthing process, the sexual charge it gives, the plesure, the awakening of the large feeling of love to their baby, bonding with your partner, and the fulfilling feeling of legacy they are creating.  
The legacy for your baby, because babies do remember birth...
What I'm offering is a life-long answer to the desire for fulfillment and satisfaction in labor, the feeling of "feeling alive", that most women say they want. 
I expect that as few as 1 % and no more than 2% will understand it, and 98-99% will reject it immediately, and I'm willing to accept it. I know, sadly, that the natural, enjoyable, satisfying birth is NOT for everyone. Those who want the quick fix will have just that. Not satisfaction.
This is about a road to awareness/enlightenment/fulfillment/satisfaction about the dream birth less traveled, but traveled by mothers who create orgasmic birth, love and life of passion, feelings of being alive and fulfillment. Who are usually willing and able to master what it takes to get desired results: short labor, calm and smooth birth of their baby.
I am always eager, actually, to take unusual individuals, who value the journey, to creating the journey of labor and birth that is more fulfilling than they ever dreamt before or may think is possible, at the same time creating sustainable stability for their family in an unstable world.
If you want to go inside to where the flow is where I've most effectively helped others stay in their flow, their connection with the future of possibility of creating the birth that they want,
I invite you to begin now. Subscribe to my HypnoBirthing class now. 

All the best,
Morrin Bass

Use Birthing Stool for Comfortable Squat

What you see here is a 16-century birth stool used for the final stages in childbirth labor. (I like the curtains on the sides!)

When the baby begins to crown, a mother needs to continue to use the gravity of the baby, whose weight helps the movement down the birth path without pushing.

Sometimes it is easier to sit on the stool than squat and concentrate all your attention on the final stages of baby coming out.

The idea of the birth stool has been in use in midwifery for centuries.
Until very recently, in Europe, particularly in Northern Europe, in Denmark, birthing stool was considered a family treasure, and was preserved in the family for generations. A bride brought to the new family the birth stool inherited from her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. After all, the importance of procreation was emphasized and strengthened by the religious influences.

Today, we don't have to store such commodity for generations. Each mom can get her own. In fact, each one can get their own style.

You can have one with handles, which makes it quite comfortable to hold onto, while your husband is behind you whispering positive HypnoBirthing affirmations into your receptive ear.

Or you could have modern sterility in plastic, with a helping figure for its back to lean on, while your midwife talks you through your calm and comfortable J-breathing (Birth Breathing) in the final stages of your baby arrival.

So feel free to choose your style, as long as it is comfortable for you and fits your needs.

This and more, learn about childbirth in a complete childbirth education course in HypnoBirthing classes.
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