Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy HypnoBirthing Story

Released photo
Morrin, I can' tell you how amazed I am still after the baby had arrived and it has been a few days! We're so very very proud to say Christopher arrived on the 21st May, and no less weighing 10lb!!! 

HypnoBirthing works, that's all I can say. 

Thank you so much! I haven't been in touch yet because we were enjoying ourselves, and our beautiful son Chris is doing very well.

My labour started in the morning as I planned, so again thanks for helping me plan my birth!!

I kept having tightenings every 10 minutes over the entire day. I relaxed and (my husband) kept me very focused during the surges reading the relaxation and touching me with light touch.
We used Self-hypnosis and the deepening techniques pretty consistently.
Needless to say that without HypnoBirthing practice I was not going to be able to focus throughout this time, I'm not sure what I would have done! Paul was an absolute rock and he was able to use the relaxation techniques and deepening technique, which really helped. So thank you for insisting on practicing the techniques.

We left for the hospital the next morning at about 5.30am and I listened to the affirmations in the car and I listened to the music on loop for what seemed like a long time once at the hospital. Once my waters had broken I went from 4-5 cm to fully dilated by 7.30pm, pretty much in 2 hours, during which time I listened to the rainbow relaxation on loop and Paul said that I was doing really well and had gone completely inside myself!

By 7.30 I felt the strongest desire to push, and although this isn't what HypnoBirthing suggests, I remembered this and was breathing him out, it was ultimately an animalistic desire to push – I resisted and boy, was I glad that I did not push.
I felt it was up to me, and suddenly it became possible to enjoy it, and I chose to translate my sensations to pleasure. May sound a bit strange, but this is what it was, I felt a sensation of strong funneled movement in my hips and I thought it love, pleasure and joy for my baby moving out.
I feel a huge sense of achievement and no tears, about which I am really happy.  My recovery is a million times better than with Lily because it was drug free and natural and I can see the difference in Chris.

I had no idea it would really work so effectively on the day when I needed it but it did.
The birth required a huge amount of focus from both me and Paul to maintain it, particularly once my waters broke and the surges came thick and fast, but it really does work : )
I am really glad we practiced beforehand, and that you kept at it with us. 
Thank you so much again!!

Lots of love,
Lucy, xoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!

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