Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HypnoBirthing Stages of Labor Part III Birthing Phase

Stages of Labor 
Birthing Phase
Baby descends and emerges 
Natural Expulsive reflex--NER
Mom feels need to change breathing pattern to breathe down              
Mom follows the lead of her body, quieting and calming surges
Mom remains in or assumes whatever position she is comfortable with for Birth Breathing,
Inhales through her nose and exhales gradually through her nose, projecting the energy of the breath to the back of throat and down to the vagina—mouth closed on intake and exhalation.
Prompts given only by Father-To-Be/Birth Companion or Doula - Labor Companion if requested
Sitting on toilet until crowning.
Lateral—on her side, bended leg, supported by nurse or companion, or resting on several pillows,
Slanted J breath—(modified squat), resting just above tailbone; shoulders and back on pillows, feet outward to side at buttocks, or knees outward, resting on pillows
Leaping Frog; Semi-squatting; Birth Stool; Leaning on Birth Companion; Supported Squat;
Leaning on Birth Companion 


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