Monday, May 23, 2011

Did Your Labor Start Yet?

Stage I 
Thinning - Early (dilating 0-4cm)
Physical Aspects
• Mild, possibly irregular surges, felt in front and/or back, 5-39 minutes apart, 30-40 seconds in length, get longer, stronger and closer together.
• May have diarrhea.
• Water may break.
• Possible pink vaginal discharge.

Role of Dad and/or Support Person
• Help with timing surges, relaxation, visualizations, breathing, and diversionary activities.

Emotional Aspects
• Excited and confident.
• Talkative, social.

Social Aspects
• Wants to contact family.
• Excited, giddy, happy.
• Nesting, cleaning, preparing. Don't overdo it!
• Timing surges with support.

What to Do:
• Eat and drink lightly.
• Call your doula, midwife, doctor.
• Alternate rest and activity periods.
• Use gravity positive or upright positions as much as possible,  
• Remain active and social
• use breathing, relaxation, and massage if needed.
• Use bath tub to labor

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