Monday, October 31, 2011

Can HypnoBirthing Create Comfort in Labor?

Here is a reference article explaining the mystery behind quiet calm birthing - she used HypnoBirthing.

"...And when her son Leo was born 14 months ago, following a relatively pain and stress-free labour, Emma is convinced hypnobirthing is most certainly ‘the other way’.
‘When I first started doing those classes, I was almost embarrassed about it, convinced people would laugh,’ says Emma, from Brockley, South London.
    ‘Now I want to tell everyone to use hypnobirthing. If it can work for me, and believe me I was the biggest cynic going, then it can work for anyone.’

    This is exactly what the NHS is seeking to investigate in an 18-month study on the effectiveness of hypnobirthing being launched this week, which, it is hoped, will reduce the financial strain on tightening NHS budgets caused by costly drug treatments such as epidurals — and also make births easier and safer for women and babies."

    Super mum: Model Gisele claimed giving birth in her bathtub at home in Boston with no pain relief didn't hurt after having prepared with yoga and meditation.

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    Next Baby

    Here is an account of a natural home birth. A very inspiring story. 

    " Six weeks ago I gave birth to my second child.
    It was definitely a HypnoBirthing baby birth calm, exciting, and drug free experience.

    I thought I was still in early labor as my surges were around 10 minutes apart but very strong and rhythmical. I ignored a few obvious signs of nearing completion as I thought that I was yet to really get into established labour. 
    After my membrane released with barely a trickle during one surge, my husband assisted me to the toilet where I intended to remain for a long time. 

    I felt the next surge build and knew it was going to be a big one and I told myself to "let go." It literally took my breath away as I felt a huge rush of energy which made me stand up and my mucus uterine plug flew into the toilet like a champagne cork (a pop followed by a plop!)

    Instinctively I stuck my hand between my legs and gasped, "He's coming!" My baby's entire head emerged and thankfully, he stopped.

    No pushing, no anything, just that amazing reflex ejecting him automatically. I was amazed and elated.

    With my husband's help I slowly wobbled back into the bed, got on hands and knees just in time for the next surge which again required no effort and his body slid out easily into my husband's waiting arms.

    The speedy, rocket- like arrival of my beautiful 9lb 11oz baby did not create even a scrape.

    An amazing, lovely, surprise conclusion.

    Insurance paying for Doulas Services!

    News! Good News!
    Many hesitate whether to hire a doula because of their cost. Now this is eliminated.
    Female presence of a doula at your birth helps you and your baby to stay calm and do the job of labor is a safe and comfortable way.

    Over twenty insurance companies have begun paying for doula services and, now that there is a CPT code covering doula services, this is more of a possibility than ever before. (CPT stands forCurrent Procedural Terminology, and is a copyright of the American Medical Association.) The CPT code commonly used to claim doula services is 99499 for Evaluation and Management Services/Labor Support.
    The following is a partial list of insurance companies have reimbursed in whole or in part for doula services.
    Aetna Healthcare
    Baylor Health Care System/WEB TPA
    Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    Blue Cross/ Blue Shield PPO
    Degussa, a German Chemical Company
    Elmcare, LLC, C/O North American Medical Management
    Foundation for Medical Care
    Fortis Insurance
    Glencare Managed Health Inc.
    Great-West Life & Annuity Ins. Co.
    HNTB (Peoria, IL)
    Houston New England Financial, Employee Benefits (Fort Scott, KS)
    Lutheran General Physician’s Organization
    Maritime Life
    Medical Mutual
    Oschner HMO, Louisiana
    Professional Benefits Administrators
    Prudential Healthcare
    Summit Management Services, Inc
    United HealthCare of Georgia (San Antonio, TX)
    United Health POS
    Wausau Benefits, Inc