Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's a girl! - A Testimonials From a New HypnoBirthing Mom

Hi Morrin!

Thank you so much for checking in!  Yes, I do have a Happy HypnoBirthing story to tell. 

Yes, it is a girl! She is more than we ever could have expected or imagined... 

This birth was such a blessing!!  I am so proud of myself and of our efforts together.

...The birth went well. I mean really peaceful and calm. All went beyond my expectations. Hypnobirthing proved to be a wonderful tool, and as I transitioned SOOOO fast that both my midwife and doula were completely amazed and shocked!!   

My water broke at 7:30 pm and by midnight I was FULLY dialated. Me and worked really beautifully together.....

Thank you so much for all of your training and coaching. You were a HUGE help in our home Hypnobirthing experience.

...I delivered completely naturally, totally safe and normal. it is amazing how normal it seems in retrospect. We are so happy.

...The complete home birth experience, where the labor was great, and in the end - the birth was just as great as the last accord in the great symphony about love and life!

Thank you for checking in!!!


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