Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HypnoBirthing is about Hypnotic Techniques Like Breathing for Birthing

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention to the exclusion of everything else. Nothing else. Trust me. I have been teaching hypnotic techniques for over 10 year.

Once you concentrated your attention on some activity, like reading a book, or breathing,  you enter in a hypnotic trance.

Besides, setting you at ease, relaxing and developing your imagination, as in meditation, hypnotic trances are a very healthy state. Research shows that regular use of hypnosis, self-hypnosis or meditation improves immune system and other functions in our body.

Very few know this and most are deathly afraid if hypnosis. So let me tell you.
The top model Gisele chose natural birth in water. She insisted to get this right in the papers, as it is important to her to show that the birth that she had was NOT a medicated hospital birth.

She used breathing and relaxation. That's hypnosis.

One hypnotic exercise we teach in the HypnoBirthing class is Deep Breathing for labor.  A recent student mom in my HypnoBirthing class could not breathe deeply. All she could do is inhale on 3 - 1,2,3,  and exhale on the count of 2: 1, and 2. Blowing all the air out at once. She just could not do it. 

It took a little adjustment and relaxation before she could inhale on 4 and exhale on 6. Three weeks later she is doing so well as inhale on 8 and exhale on 10. 

What did she do in those three weeks?

Just practice. Practice breathing and practice with intention. 

Her intention was to have her baby a natural way, just as nature intended, peacefully, and comfortably, with no emergencies, somewhat like celebrities do. 

Two weeks from now she is due to have her baby. Wait for an update. 

Sabina (mom from a class two months ago) said I was tough on her. She could not find the time, she was a busy lady). I showed her a choice. I showed her a video of a birth that was quiet.  A real birth. Peaceful and quiet. She wanted that. That made her practice her breathing. Now she is happy to have birthed her first baby peacefully and with a feeling of comfort. Here is her testimonial:

"Morrin, you are a wonderful teacher. I am so glad I met you. (My husband) and I are thankful for your work with us so we could do what we did - had a peaceful birth. (Husband) was frantic at first and then I reminded him to be focused. He then as if flipped a switch. He stayed focused and guided me the entire time of labor. Your insisting on my practice my breathing was key to my success. Thank you for teaching us." Sabina, 38.

What birth do you want? 

Are you ready to learn HypnoBirthing Hypnosis for Birthing?
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