Monday, August 15, 2011

Magical Child - Your Baby

Today I conducted a session for a pregnant mother of transpersonal connection between her unborn baby and herself, called Mother-Baby Connection(tm).

She was in hypnosis for over 1.5 hours and delivered back an incredible wealth of information from her higher consciousness guidance, besides coming back  completely relaxed,  rested, refreshed and filled with energy.

But wait, you are not familiar with it. Let me explain.

Using hypnosis is possible to create a state of consciousness when your critical factor is subdued and your awareness of a bigger picture and of your role in the universe comes to the forefront. This is a self-deepening state and it is particularly amazing for pregnant mothers.

I use higher consciousness during pregnancy to uncover for mothers their inner wisdom and strengths and to eliminate fears of all kind, that so bother humanity (and not just birthing fears).

It is interesting that I find over and over again that a pregnant woman are much more hypnotizable and achieve deeper and faster results than any other categories of population. Her critical factor is helping her go deeper, because she is motivated.

So back to the mom today.

Her baby's energy is female and she now knows her name. (She wanted to know all that.)
In addition, the pregnant mom uncovered that her baby chose her for being able to assist the baby with fulfilling her purpose when she grows up (she got the details of that purpose as well). Mom was very pleased with the results of her session. She unveiled the role of her son (first born) and herself in the bigger universal picture, and particularly her husband had a very distinct role in the whole sceme of things. It was awesome. After mom opened her eyes she was in awe how everything just comes into place, and her questions were answered.

She got instructions from her unborn baby on how to approach labor. This is her second baby and the labor for the second time is going to be very different. (The first one was a hospital birth this one is a prepared home birth).

This process is a deep trance awareness process based on Higher awareness described by Michael Newton in Journey of Souls, and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, and a greater purpose approach, which is described by Joseph Chilton Pearce in his incredible book Magical Child.

If you are interested in the spiritual discovery or in your own Mother-Baby Connection(tm) call me.

By the way, I highly recommend Magical Child for better parenting. It's a great book and a beautiful idea.

Start your labor naturally

When your day comes  - How do you start your labor NATURALLY?
There are ways to encourage labor along naturally, however, the most effective solution proved to be relaxation and hypnotherapy. When you begin to feel the first signs of labor, encourage it with your skilled prepared tools:

  • Start with breathing and relaxation. Your husband is a skill specialist in it by now:)
  • Go to a long walk in the park, or up and down the stairs, do some physical exercises
  • Acupuncture/ Acupressure/ Reflexology/ Aromatherapy with a professional
  • Raspberry leaf tea/ spicy foods
  • Make sure you have eliminated any emotional lingering issues and limitations that may be dragging from your past.  Thoughts of limitations must be stopped by using a thought stopping technique: Each time a "bad" thought comes is, say out loud "STOP!" and replace it with a thought of relaxation.  
  • Use Birth Release script from your HypnoBirthing course.
  • Make sure all the issues related to your organization of your birthing day are finished.  Save yourself some time and organize it now. 
  • If you feel you need a boost in your relaxation schedule a session with your hypnotherapy professional for yourself or your husband or both. 
  • And start of labor is mostly all about hugs and kisses. Kissing and stimulating the areas of sensitivity, nipples, light touch massage, tickling the skin, all bring up the levels of oxytocin that help start the labor full speed.  
  • Get yourself into relaxed state, where the more you relax the more your muscles can get on with doing their job of thinning and opening.  
  • Use peaceful visualisations you’ve practiced, such as the opening flower bud, hot air balloon and birth release.
  • Don’t dismiss sex as a pleasurable option to start your labor.  What got you into this situation,  can get you out of it. It may be the last thing on your mind at 40+ weeks pregnant, but semen contains prostaglandin which will start thinning your cervix. In fact, a synthetic version of prostaglandin is used to induce labor, so why not give a good go to the real thing?  I am no one to remind you that it is ok to make love when you want to.
  • And finally, remember to ask your baby to cooperate, explaining why it would be good for them the healthy aspects of natural birthing. Tell your baby how much you’re looking forward to meeting them, holding them, and what you’ve done to prepare for their arrival. You already learned that your mind is very powerful. They will pay attention to you, after all you are their mother!
  • Last and not least,  remember to use SELF HYPNOSIS. I can't tell you how many times I keep hearing form moms that this self-hypnosis helped her dilate and save her birth from being induced artificially, so you could have a wonderful experience of the peaceful safe and natural birth that you desire. 
I am available to speak with you.  
I wish you a peaceful calm healthy birth that you want!

With Love and Light,

Are YOU Ready for Birth?

Are you ready?
Or are you still afraid?

Just got back from a HypnoBirthing class I taught tonight. One mom asked today how to get rid of fear of birth. When the time is near, a lot of moms begin to search for what can be helpful in that time.

Contrary to popular belie the things to check for aren't your bag to take to the hospital.

The things to check for are --- YOU !!!

Are YOU ready?

Do you know how to keep yourself calm?
Have you reviewed stages of labor to be aware of what you will feel?
Did you practice your birth breathing?
Are you committed to NOT PUSH but instead breathe your baby out?
Are you committed to drug-free natural birth?

Perhaps you want to check whether your husband is ready?
Ask him, is he ready to support you?
Does he have the tools and awareness to be a conscious parent?
Is he committed to being there for you and your baby?

And wear a button-down shirt to the birth of your baby:)

If you still have time, enroll in the HypnoBirthing class, scheduled or private, or a review of HypnoBirthing techniques, or call Morrin with your questions before the birth.
If not, read the HypnoBirthing book, by Marie Mongan.

If you need private work with a hypnotherapist, hypnosis for natural birth induction, or hypnosis for calm breathing, or hypnotic work for your husband before birth, let me know. I am available at 646-522-5886.

I wish you a very happy Birthing Day!

Breech Natural Home Birth Happy Story

 Breech birth story and documentary coming from the doctor who received the baby. And OMG, for those who say that baby breech birth and natural birth can't be used in the same sentence - this is going to be a revelation worth watching!