Friday, June 1, 2012

Epidurals - Danger At Your Back - How Ineffective and Dangerous Epidural Is

Many pregnant women think it is ok to have an epidural, although studies had proven that epidurals are dangerous for the mother and the baby.

Respiratory problems in babies, resulting from the mother's epidural, continue to develop into most cases of asthma.

Moms never question the doctor who suggests it, while most of the time it is not necessary and dangerous. The hole in your back bleeds for days and is open to a chance of infection. In the last study of 2 million women who had epidural, something went wrong in 8 cases, and those women are not able to walk anymore - without any reason. In some other cases they witness their baby's sudden death.

Informed decision is key here. I don't know any mother-to-be who would not want to be present to her baby's first gaze, first breath, her baby's first suckle on her nipple. And this is exactly what she would miss, numbed by the drug. What happens to a mother's brain when epidural is administered? Blurring of mind, mis-coordination of movement, tiredness, loss of self-control, inability to think clearly.

The pain of labor, that everyone is talking about, is controlled by the woman's mind. If she feels safe, she can relax. If she feels unsure, she is tense and the pain is imminent. This is how our body works: Fear leads to tension which leads to pain.  We want to be safe. 

With hypnosis, relaxation, breathing and visualizations, self-hypnosis and other techniques, offered in HypnoBirthing, horizons of possibilities of one-s mind move away. A pregnant mother's mind is very powerful, loving and creative. Natural hormones are powerful opiates and naturally numb the pain in the various stages of labor. Hormonal changes took place to prepare her ability to take charge and make her labor an enjoyable event, a normal progression in her life.

In natural labor, a woman goes through a series of hormonal changes, from which emerges her strength and maturity as a mother. She needs this time to learn to relax, and learn to pay attention to what really matters - her baby's communications.

I know, that I can't do much on my own. I am not a doctor, I am not a nurse, not even a doula to be  in the labor room and look into your eyes with a question: What do you really want to choose?

I educate as many mothers as I can reach, and if you are listening, please spread the word about  epidural side effects and choose the power of your mind instead of drugs. Use HypnoBirthing. It's easy and it is fun!

The choice is not between the pain and comfort, the choice is between a possible irreparable damage to the health of your baby, and the natural power of your mind, with the love of motherhood.

Think again! Be smart and take a long deep breath instead of epidural. 

Here is a link to the full article by a birthing professional.

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