Monday, May 23, 2011

Father To Be Pregnancy Book

Fathers-to-be often ask: "What to expect when you are expecting?"

Here is a great book for fathers to be: Click here for more information on where to find and how to buy.

This book reflects the basic ways to address normal human questions men often ask themselves: what to do, what to say, how to act in regard to yourself and your pregnant wife during pregnancy, and during labor.

How choices of language affect your situations and even well-being, how words that you say to yourself and others create your behavior, and what needs to happen, if needed, so the positive changes in thinking and speaking patterns occur to re-instill the bonding and love between the two of you.

Moms often ask to help their husband in training them for the birthing.
Morrin Bass is your resource for yours and your husband's preparation for your baby's birth: Happy HypnoBirthing storiespregnancy positive affirmations, HypnoBirthing preparation for your confident and calm natural birth. Get your own private Self-Hypnosis CD for calm and comfortable time.  This month's special Sleep Tight CD.

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