Monday, January 31, 2011

HypnoBirthing Stories

Here is a HypnoBirthing birth story from one of the moms who was trained in HypnoBirthing techniques with Morrin Bass at New York Awareness Center last year. She wrote this letter to me.

"Hi Morrin,
It's been a while, but I'm finally getting the chance to sit down and write you to let you know about the incredible birth of our son, (name)!  He arrived one week early.  My labor was ten hours from start to finish.  I'm so happy that (husband) and I decided to practice hypnobirthing.  (Husband) was an amazing partner who kept me focused and relaxed.  It was an amazing experience.  Morrin, thank you for teaching us the skills we needed to know ...  

Morrin, (husband) took your advice and requested a nurse who was interested in natural birth, and that was the best advice ever. The nurse we got was so supportive and helpful—she was studying to be a midwife, so she was amazed with the hypnobirthing process.  Once we were settled in the room, we plugged in our cd player and blasted the hypnobirthing tapes (as the labor progressed, I had the birthing affirmations on repeat...they gave me so much comfort). 

When the doctor arrived, she said I was progressing beautifully, but suggested that I get on my hands and knees since the baby was "sunny-side up" with the back of his head pressing on my spine, so I was having back labor (which explains my aching back the last few weeks of pregnancy).  Being on my hands and knees took the pressure off my back, which made me so much more comfortable and this is how I labored and delivered.  It was such an intense experience, but I wasn't afraid and I wasn't in pain (though I kept thinking, okay, after this surge, I might bring up getting an epidural, but I never did say anything...I didn't need to).  

By the time I was ten centimeters dilated, I started breathing down, but I was feeling exhausted, I kept saying, "I'm done. I'm done.  I need this to be over." and I was ready to move things along.  (Husband), the nurse and my doctor stayed with me the whole time, encouraging me and keeping me focused with calm encouragement.  (Husband) and I totally set the tone.  Knowing, and repeating to myself that "my body and my baby know what to do," kept me calm and focused too.   

I knew my body was relaxed and not fighting what was happening.... I could feel everything (my pelvis opening), but I wasn't in pain, I was just working so hard.  I felt like I was running a marathon.  ... The nurses and the doctor were so amazed and impressed with the hypnobirthing and that we did it so calmly, without an epidural.  I hope the doctor will take this experience back to her practice and share it with others.  

I felt so good after the birth (though we were all exhausted). Thank you again for all your help and support.  I look forward to getting together for a reunion at some point.
All the best. 

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How to Recognize True Labor from False Labor

Approaching the estimated baby arrival time, moms begin to wonder how to recognize true labor and to what signs begin to pay attention.

There are distinct signs of starting of the "uterine activity" that are recognizable in both but vitally different for the decisions and subsequent actions we need to take.

False Labor
  • Surges (formerly known as contractions) are random.
  • There in no progression in strength in surges.
  • Surges tend to be felt primarily in the front
  • The time between surges is not equal, or even.
  • Activities has no affect on timing or quality of surges
  • No changes in cervix dilation

    True Labor
    • Surges get rythmical
    • Surges get closer together
    • Surges get stronger
    • Surges are felt in various parts of uterus
    • Walking makes surges stronger
    • Cervix thins and eventually opens

    Start your childbirth education with attending HypnoBirthing classes based on the book by Marie Mongan, HypnoBirthing a Breakthrough to a Safer, More Comfortable Birth.

    Morrin Bass, Ph.D., MBA, BCH, teaches HypnoBirthing classes at New York Awareness Center. Morrin can be reached by your posting a comment for further discussion on your experiences in pregnancy and preparations for your ideal birth.

    Sunday, January 30, 2011

    What Happens During Birth?

    Watch this anatomical animation to imagine the baby birth, so this smooth movement stays in your imagination.

    Follow This Link.

    Have a happy HypnoBirthing Birth!

    HypnoBirthing Affirmations

    By now, moms all over the world know what HypnoBirthing Affirmations are: positive affirmative and short sentences in present tense about calm peaceful labor pregnant moms want to have.

    Pregnancy HypnoBirthing affirmations are really positive suggestions, that are said to yourself, out loud, and followed by a relaxed state of absorption or listened silently via cd with relaxation.

    Once Pregnancy HypnoBirthing affirmations are said outloud, they have affect onto our subconscious mind, and once absorbed into the subconscious, cannot be erased. Therefore, these suggestions take effect on your behavior in real life without you even noticing it. Consequently, you relax, you begin to fell calm and give into the power of your birthing body. And when the time comes, labor goes easily and quickly.

    Here are some sample affirmations you can get for 21 days FREE delivered to your e-maibox daily.

    I am confident that my body is healthy and strong. 
    I am beautiful in my pregnancy. 
    I joyfully look forward to the birth of my baby.
    My body is made to give birth easily and effortlessly.
    I relax and dream about my easy birth.

    A pregnant mom asks: Can I use this affirmation:
    I don't want to be afraid.
    No, you'd better not. Our mind does not understand the word NOT, so therefore, it is as if you are affirming that you want to be afraid, which you are not!:)

    Use positively framed sentences to serve as your affirmations.
    I trust my body and my baby to know what to do.

    Learn to create your affirmations.  And have a Happy HypnoBirthing.

    Go to and put your name into request box for affirmations from New York Awareness Center created by the childbirth education expert Morrin Bass, Ph.D., BCH.
    Morrin Bass can be reached for discussion, or when you post your affirmations/comments/questions in the comment box for review and for others to see and use.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    What Malean Moms Do

    Have you noticed how graceful are some of the dancers, basketball players, and some people are so clumsy that backhand water glasses of the dinner table. Your body has a mind on its own, which communicates through brain and create adjustments to body development to move better and more gracefully.

    A psychologist's research in Mali, showing early baby development through mother's gentle touch, massaging their legs and feet, and even yank them upside down by their feet. This practice arises from the belief dominant in that part of the world that straight legs are an asset and crooked legs are an impediment in further life of the child.

    In Russian and Romanian orphanages babies are cribbed two-three in one crib, limiting their movement. Adopted later, mostly through American parents, the babies who were not allowed to move, and do not have the developed sensory awareness, remain 2-3 standard deviation below the norm. They are not just a little "delayed". They are sensitive, yet uncoordinated to the amazement of scientists and doctors.

    Body sense and movement can fail dramatically is stunted during early stages of development. The celular metabolism of energy consumption and usage is much more efficient in running a mile in a Kenian athlete, creates a life time opportunity, often determining a direction in a baby's lifetime work.

    As the pregnant mom begins her preparation to the birth of her baby, gearing to do everything she can for her baby's arrival, must consider her own body awareness in preparation for the best birth, for giving her baby the best experience in birth.  The opportunity that she takes and uses in making the decision what she needs to do and who she needs to be in order to have the birth of her dream.

    This preparation starts early in pregnancy, through childbirth preparation and education classes. Make it your priority to enroll in the class now so your baby has a great experience of beginning of baby's life.

    Morrin Bass, Ph.D., MBA, is a creator of this blog and an instructor of HypnoBirthing classes for pregnant moms at New York Awareness Center.  She provides complete childbirth education and opportunity for prospective moms and dads to learn more, feel more confident and creative and consequently have more options in their decisions regarding the birth of their baby.  Contact Morrin for more information at 866-522-5886, referencing this blog.