Friday, November 1, 2013

Funny Halloween GLOW Baby Costume

Funny Halloween Baby Costume:

Ellen Degeneres Kids Halloween Costumes

Ha-ha-ha! Smile for Ellen Degeneres' program introducing last minute funniest Halloween costumes for kids!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Birth - Is your Baby due on a Scary Holiday?

I have to give it to some parents, who dress their babies up to express their sense of humor to the scariest holiday of the year!

But what are you supposed to do when your baby is due on Halloween?

The study in the Yale School of Public Health, held recently( see full article), apparently shows that women are able to influence their due date by simply avoiding going into labor on and around the non-desirable or inauspicious date.

Apparently there is a belief about being influenced by skeletons and witches, even if in the every day life women refuse to recognize the scary personages existence.

Dr. Levy emphasizes that a connection between the state of mind of pregnant women and hormone levels could explain the link between their start of labor and the date of baby arrival.

Professionals analyzed the birth certificates of babies born on or around Halloween and on or around Valentine's days. It turns out that consistently the amount of babies born on Halloween is 11% lower and those born on Valentine's is 5% higher than births other dates.

There are stories about how babies "want to wait"until their fathers come back from military mission, around their due date, as well as babies avoiding to be born in a hospital by birthing in cars on the way, or creating precipitous birth ( less than 3 hour birth experience).

Learn more about mental baby birth preparation and creating baby birth joyous experience by taking a HypnoBirthing class with Morrin Bass. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Royal christening yesterday, gives me one more reason to mention in my blog the mother Princess Kate in her dutiful beauty and glow of her truly sincere happy motherhood.

Princess Kate looked lovely in her happy motherly glow gazing into the baby George's eyes along with Prince William yesterday at the Kensignton Palace ceremony.

Baby George looking more like his mother with the button nose, than like his father, prince William, is 3 months old.

Princess Kate is said to be a calm and a very soothed happy mother, which obviously will be reflected on the behavior of the little baby-boy George.

I followed the royal couple in their HypnoBirthing preparation and birthing and now calm parenthood of the new heir, out of professional interest and personal fascination with beautiful people. I think Kate is beautiful as a woman and in her calm gravitas and deep personal presence. A calm mother makes, or rather helps making, a calm leveled ruler, if George were to become a king. I am for a level-headed ruler, aren't you?

Reasons to Meditate - for New Moms

It may seem like a strange thing to do, to just sit and do basically nothing.
Yet, this doing nothing has strong impact on your effectiveness and decision making throughout the day.

Buddhist meditators suggest, that it is a well known fact that the human experience is a roller-coaster ride. To be able to manage and balance the way we perceive ourselves and our own experience is a skill which needs to be trained into most people.

This skill of managing your own experience is particularly useful for new mothers. Recent studies suggest that a calm mother produces more breast milk, is a better judge of her own behavioral choices, and a more generous lover to her partner.

Meditation is not just about feeling good, although the result of relaxed being is an increased production of oxytocin, endorphins and establishment of generally elevated mood. Meditative experiences 
1. largely eliminate post-partum depression, 
2. compulsive behaviors of overeating, drinking or emotional roller-coasters, and 
3. introduce better judgement toward yourself and others, generosity of spirit, and consequently, 
4. better quality and quantity of breastmilk, and as a result,
5. healthier and stronger, more resilient babies.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Mother's Smile of Satisfaction - Kate Middleton's Royal HypnoBirthing Birth

Today the world meets prince - a royal heir, the first royal baby of the digital age.

What is curious about this birth is that the mom prepared herself through learning the techniques and philosophies of HypnoBirthing.

Price William, Kate Middleton's devoted husband, stayed with her in her birthing room (click to view video of her room) through the night, and a new mom and her baby appeared to the world with a distinct smile of satisfaction, only a HypnoBirthing mom would have!

Have a HypnoBirthing birth with a smile!

New HypnoBirthing classes start August 6.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Princess Kate to Use HypnoBirthing

Kate Middleton is pregnant with undisclosed due date. However, the royal princess is a modern educated mom-to-be and is considering options in safe and comfortable, and satisfying baby delivery via learning HypnoBirthing techniques. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Soul of The Baby

You may know, that studying customs of various people's is one of my passions. Recently, I came across an interesting information in my research, relating to birthing customs.

In ancient times it was believed that a person's soul lives inside their body and escapes when a person opens their mouth. Therefore, a custom was to keep mouths closed, in particular, during childbirth, be silent and not speak.

In Southern Celebes, Indonesia, to prevent the escape of a woman's soul at childbirth, the nurse, ties a band as tightly as possible round the body of the expectant mother. And to prevent the soul of the baby escape, they are careful to close every opening in the house, even cracks in the walls. They tie up the animals' mouths inside and outside of the house, as well as all people in the house, and including the birthing mother's.

The mother herself is obliged to keep her mouth shut the whole time birthing is taking place. I guess it was easily possible for a mother, to keep silent, I suppose, breathing just through her nose, prompted her to take deep breaths and made it all easier for her during her childbirth and easier for the baby. Who knows why they created customs like that, although my belief, that it worked to ease the childbirth. Whatever it was, birthing with silence it is!

Breathe and relax. Laugh and enjoy.

Monday, February 11, 2013

There Is No Pain In Her Hospital Room

A news journalist sounds surprised when she finds out that some pregnant couples don't report pain while having childbirth. Entering into their birthing room, she discovers about the surprising results HypnoBirthing allows couples create for their experience of childbirth.

HypnoBirthing starts with become attentive to the language we use, and also learning to say "no" to drugs during the birth. HypnoBirthing is more than a set of techniques, it is a philosophy of natural birth, a calm lifestyle and training of the mind in the direction of calm, yet active birthing experience.

Check out the latest news at our HypnoBirthing website, and tell your pregnant friends about our upcoming classes.  Read the full article here.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Walt Disney's History of Menstruation - an old (banned) cartoon for girls, but what a treat!

Here is a real treat - a 1946 old banned cartoon for girls to know what menstrual cycle is. Works for me! I wish I had this available back in my youth days filled with secrets around the whole sex thing. Enjoy!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

In HypnoBirthing Class They Asked Us What Date

She says, " In HypnoBirthing(R) class they asked us what date? And I said, December 1st. And you came out December 1st!"

Click to see the short video of a recent HypnoBirthing home water-birth. Calm as it was, smooth as it was, be ready to hear a lot of orgasmic vocalization with comments on how awesome it feels from the birthing mother. Identify with the experience of intended focused work of the mother and steady  calm support from the father and deliberate work of the two midwives.
Notice that the mother is very attuned to her body and knows to wait and feel the quality of the urge, as well as the movement of the baby, commenting that "the baby is right there," and the way it feels "this is awesome!!!" Notice your response while watching this video. Write your comment in the box below.
Finally the baby is out. She says, "Oh my god! I have a baby now! Let's see what you are? You are a girl!"
"What am going to do with a girl?" she contemplates between her elation, and deep breath of the calm satisfaction. Well, let's leave it for another class, shall we?
Tell your pregnant friends about the next HypnoBirthing(R) class starting February 17 (click to see more information).