Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HypnoBirthing Class or Why Smart Moms Prepare For Birth

Why take your HypnoBirthing Classes at New York Awareness Center?

New York Awareness Center has long been a school for best education in the Tri-State area. We uniquely combine the reality of birthing education and the spiritual awareness in preparation to the unknown. Morrin Bass is your HypnoBirthing Facilitator. Morrin is trained by Mickey Mongan the author of HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method, the book you see below, which became the basis for this class. Morrin is a professional Hypnosis instructor for over 10 years and delivers superior service in the field of training hypnotism. Her school for private training is recognized and is easily the best in New York City.  And we offer great personal service. But your don't have to believe me. Read these testimonials:

"Dear Morrin,
...we had our baby girl, , on April 13th! She was born at 6:09 am after about 7 hours of beautiful and easy "labor." I used Hypnobirhting breathing and led me through imagery throughout and I never "pushed." came out just perfect and there was NO BLOOD, NO TEAR, and even NO SWELLING. swam out of me in the birthing tub into 's hands and he brought her right up to my chest. The cord was cut much later and we just sat and marveled at her beauty. Our daughter (3 3/4 yrs) watched the whole thing and even had her hand on my shoulder while emerged. To have this imprint of what birth can be on 's brain brings me so much joy. Having this kind of birth has been a gift for our whole family. Thank you for your instruction and encouragement." Orianna, 33

Morrin Bass, PhD, HypnoBirthing Instructor

"Dear Morrin,
Thank you so much for all that you did for us, it was great meeting you, and getting to practice with you. I am so happy we decided to take real classes, I know it will make a big difference, and I am very very happy it was with you. We are so grateful to you for the great energy, expertise, and dedication that you brought into our home, it's an experience that we will never forget. ....:Sarah.33

Need more? Go to NewYorkAwareness.com Click on Happy HypnoBirthing Stories.

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