Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ultra-Sound NOT for My Baby

Whereas there are positive aspects of using ultra-sound techniquie in pregnancy, sometimes we agree to a routine scan without questions.

Did you know that frequent ultra-sound scannings can cause harm for your baby?

According to studies described in the book by Sarah Buckley Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering, ultrasound causes many of the possible adverse effects like miscarriage, low birth weight, premature labor, perinatal death, dyslexia, and ever ambidexterity!

In fact, the research shows that some random controlled studies more and more show consistent brain damage in babies that is caused by ultra-sound during pregnancy.

The biological effects of the ultra scanning:  The sonar rays cause the tissue to heat up from 1 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit, where bone heats more than the soft tissue, and soft tissue heats more than liquid. With specific settings of each scanner and the time in such exposure. Recent studies research the heating of the baby's developing brain tissues to such degree and is no longer considered within the parameters of standards of safety.

The second effect is cavitation, which is collapsing of small pockets of gas between the tissues caused by heating of tissues and creating of gasses, potentially toxic, mostly in the lung and bowel areas, in turn causing significant changes in prenatal and postnatal development.

I was blown away learning about such "side-effects" and still mothers; going for a scan regularly.

Doctors possibly have not read the studies, or even if they read the studies, they don't have another procedure to find out, to make sure, to feel certain, to tell you what's going on inside of you, but so what?

In one case, I am not sure that it is not the ultra-sound scanning that killed the second embrio in one of the moms, after her fertility implantation with two healthy embrios, and suddenly after three weeks and three scans one embrio dies.

A recent hypnotherapy client regressed to a womb experience, clearly described a high pitch sound bouncing off his brain, that he experienced over and over, until fast forwarded to a more pleasant experience. In hypnosis he was experiencing himself being in the womb, and upon returning to the waking state recognized that this must have been what ultra-sound was to him as a fetus.

Babies do remember.

So what's your choice now? What scans for your baby?

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