Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Avoid Induction

To avoid induction we do hypnosis inviting the baby to peacefully come out NOW!

A mom-to-be on her 40 weeks, called after a conversation with the doctor, who told her that next Monday she "needs" to be induced. 

I asked her what if she did not show up for the induction?

She was adamant about being compliant to her doctor. When you choose your doctor you like your doctor. It is an authority. Some people can't not comply. 

However, we are talking about YOUR experience, YOUR baby, and YOUR experience in birthing your baby. The happier the birth the happier the baby, leave alone healthier, etc. 

To create a happy, smooth, comfortable, and safe birth, the birth needs to be initiated by the baby, not the doctor.

This is why we resorted the a conversation with the baby.

Actually it was more like a conditioned invitation, because I am not messing with the Universe, who has everything on her own divine timing. Conditioning the invitation with something like "if it si for the benevolent outcome of all concerned", will get you very far.

So it did with our mom here, her baby initiated labor the same night and the day after he was born. I got a text from the father: "Mother and Baby are doing great. Thank you."

That was my thank you from the Universe. 

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