Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to deal with a loss of baby

One of my happy moms lost her baby in a tragic accident when he was just 18 months old. How to help a devastated mother in the loss of her child?

What is there to do?

Some suggest blogging, journaling, taking a vacation, changing a job, acquire a hobby. Yes, all those are good ways to cope. 

But coping can go on for years. What to do if you want to get pregnant again and go on with your life and the grief is grabbing the best of you?

One suggestion is self-hypnosis. Get yourself a great relaxation audio and use it every day.  A  recent client-woman decided to get pregnant, committed to listening to an audio relaxation and did get pregnant. 

Regular exercise and active involvement in the life is another key bahavior helping in creating the body ready for the new pregnancy.

Now just the relaxation and the exercise may not be enough, so another suggestion is to begin a relationship with a hypnotherapist. Find an appropriately trained specialist, fertility and birthing certified, so they can help you create the life that you want. With the essential help and qualified support of the professional you will soon be on your way to happiness again. 

Begin to work diligently on the breathing patterns, forgiveness, letting go, training your mind to concentrate on the positive and absorb the behavior of how you are when your life works. Look at your partner with loving energy, instead of grieving, or blaming, the energy of lack. Become a generous person you are again, loving yourself, nurturing your body, grateful for the life that you have and the love that is coming your way.

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