Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twins natural birth

Twin pregnancies are very happy and very tricky.

Happy because like some mothers say, "You get two for one, and be done. " Others, who like their pregnancies wish they could spread them in time so there would be more time spent being pregnant and giving birth. (I know such mother, who wishes she could somehow persuade her husband to have a fifth child.)

Tricky because as with one mom, you can't have all you want on your timing, they have their own timing. Her daughter was positioned head up on top of her brother. On her 36th week, the mom was told by the doctor that she need to have BOTH babies turned head down, otherwise it's a c-section.

Who wants a c-section??? NOBODY!

The woman has been preparing to give natural vaginal birth to her twins, took HypnoBirthing classes, practiced with her husband, loved the idea of birthing center, but opted for the hospital. So the medically manipulated birth was off the table for her.

She made a firm decision to birth naturally, as she somehow knew that she could. So she did. 

Using breathing techniques, aided by her husband and a doula,  she focused on her first baby and then second. The babies came 20 minutes apart, and she was allowed her time. 

She told about how at a time of her losing her focus a thought about the epidural came to her mind, and she kept brushing it away, and in the end she said "I really didn't need it, it would have been a weakness and a waste". She was happy and elated that her birth was natural. And she wrote to me as the whole hospital cheered for her as she finished the birth. The doctors in that hospital had NEVER SEEN A NATURAL TWIN DELIVERY.

So make up your mind before going to the hospital, so you are immovable on the idea of your birthing, then you can have real fun with it.

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