Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Transition to the hospital from home

Transitioning from home to the hospital can be easy.

A recent story of a HypnoBirthing mom: second time mom, first time giving HypnoBirthing birth.

She did well in class, totally hated her first birth experience in a foreign hospital, manipulated by doctors robbing her of her natural birth, and now living in the US planning on having a fun natural birth, she and her husband were attending HypnoBirthing classes and practicing at home with passion.

Her partner loved hypnosis, experiencing it and doing it to his wife, and in classroom exercises hypnotized her using the scripts handed out in class learning quickly and effectively. Mom was also very adamant about preparing for her birth, using the breathing techniques described in class and in the book by Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing the Safe and Comfortable Birth.

Having finished the classes two weeks prior to estimated date, the mom continued to practice every day. She was so well prepared that when the day came she was calm and effective.

She breathed and breathed and felt herself getting ready, dilating, thinning, opening, and when her surges started to be really close together and really hard, she waited another close to 2 hours. Then her husband suggested they drove to the hospital. And they did.

On the way to the hospital the mom located herself on the back seat. During the surges she lowered her body to the seat and breathed, concentrating on her breath, in a really focused way.

Whenever her focus wandered away, she found herself worrying if they get there on time, and she experienced discomfort sitting in the car, and then the surge would come on again, and they she concentrated on her breathing the baby down.

During one of those surges she felt that her waters streamed down the seat, and she felt that burning sensation signifying crowning. She did not believe herself: they were not anywhere near the hospital yet.

Another strong one came on and the baby's head began emerging. She told her husband to stop at the shoulder of the road.

He was in the left lane. By the time he got to stop the car, the baby was born in the back seat of it just half a mile from the hospital.

Babies always know what they are doing. This one did not want to be born in the hospital.

Mother had a roller-coaster ride during the fun birth, she said she wanted to have fun for her second birth, and there it was!


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