Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Orgasmic Birthing

Not pushing in labor is something unheard of, particularly if you choose to birth in a hospital. Despite the orientation of your provider, and they might be very pro-natural birth, pushing is something that is "naturally" associated with birthing. Or is it?

What if you make other choices? Let's look at the most pleasant birthing selecting "Orgasmic" birth concept from the same title documentary.

What the orgasmic mother Amber tells us is that at the time of "Uterine activity" she made choices every moment to feel the pleasure of the baby's movement down her birth path, and at the height of this experience, and with the kiss of her husband, the baby just slipped out within that orgasmic release.

Natural Oxytocins - hormones of pleasure, released into the mother's system at the time of labor and birth, so flood the blood flow, that birth becomes the most pleasurable moment of your life.

By choice. So this means you have to make this choice.

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