Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Have Joyful Labor

Those of you who are interested in a calm and peaceful birth listen up!

The new brain research and discoveries open up a whole new realm of what is possible. 

There is a definite correlation between peaceful labor, your brain production of oxytocin and your state of mind.

Your peaceful labor depends on your peaceful state of mind which is caused largely by the amount of the neural hormone calle oxytocin. Oxytocin is produced in the brain triggered by the pleasant sensations, thoughts, affirmations, meditation, relaxation, touch, visual or auditory stimulation and in most cases, just deep breathing, that causes our brain to acquire more oxygen streamlining pleasure trance. 

The production of oxytocin depends on the polarization of cells producing oxytocin.
The more oxy-gen we have in our body, the more oxy-tocin is produced.
Then the process goes like this: 
The positive stimulation through posture or touch, or deep breathing etc., causes the body cells to become more polarized in the cerebellum that causes them to fire action potential in bursts, signaling to hypothalamus, which signals the pitutiary gland to produce more oxytocin that delivers out the affects to the rest of the body through spinal cord and nervous system which stimulates more positive feedback and loops to producing more oxytocin. This creates a continuous production of oxytocin, that peripherally starts up the production of endorphines, which as we know, have numbing effect, and work in any area in your body. 
Production of oxytocin inhibits adrenocrticotropic hormone and cortisol (hormones of stress) constantly triggering relaxation.  

As a result women begin to feel better, more uplifted and look for more positive signs in the outside which creates positive feedback which loops back to producing more oxytocin, etc.
Now, knowing this you can decide you want this, so make it your conscious choice. Once you made this choice, it is easy to continue in the positive feedback loop. So enjoy your labor!

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