Friday, February 18, 2011

Enjoy Your Post Partum Expression

In recent research I have done about moms reporting HypnoBirthing births, there is no mention of post partum sadness.

In fact, HypnoBirthing allows the mother to experience elevated levels of oxytocin, endorphins and relaxins - hormones and neurotransmitters creating loops of continuos good mood that has prevalently positive effect on their newborn babies development.

Stories of mothers who experience sadness after having a baby are so inconsistent, that made me think that depression is a modern lifestyle choice. And I wasn't alone in that thought.

The National Institute for Child Health and Human Development conducted a study by Dr. Duane Alexander, which pointed the results over 36 months with 1215 first time mothers in 14 universities around the country.

Randomly 55% of mothers were reported to have "never had depression", some others had various degrees or periods of "sad modes" which quickly dissipated by doing work, or exercises, or breathing, or meditations, and only 8% reported prolonged periods of sadness, which in all 8% of the cases was pre-existing before the baby arrived. Their choice was made!

The effects of mothers' sad and sometimes withdrawn behavior resulted in their children by 36 months being withdrawn and less responsive and prepared for social behaviors in school, which in turn lead to lower results in learning.

On the opposite, mothers, using positive language with their babies, optimistic approach to their babies development, methods of hypnobirthing, has shown the positive effects of babies and mothers post partum.The close replicating of the environment in the womb for the baby after the birth eliminates possibilities of birth trauma, and for the mother, who is relaxed and flooded with oxytocin because of her exciting bond with her newborn, creates an ideal environment for the baby to enter into the new world.

Since birth such babies exhibited abilities to hold prolonged meaningful gaze, calm demeanor and were using the cry very effectively. Babies develop quickly and physically well-formed, stronger and more able. By month 36 babies birthed consciously by mothers who deliberately created the thoughtful environment, exhibit leadership qualities and are able to assume responsibilities which lead to learning advancement.

Whaa-whoo, mommies! We are creating the next generation of leaders!

Once again, I am glad to discover that research shows numbers in favor of HypnoBirthing births, as expected. Now the choice is yours.

Choose peace in mind and practice it every day.

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