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HypnoBirthing Classes - Why Start Early

HypnoBirthing(tm) is an incredible tool to get yourself in a desired peaceful and confident frame of mind by the time of arrival of your baby. And the earlier you start the better.

Often pregnant moms ask when is the best time to start their enrollment in the class.

As you may know, I am a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner, Instructor of comprehensive childbirth education classes for moms and dads that they take at New York Awareness Center.  I have instructed over 100 couples to have their peaceful birth. I have been teaching hypnosis professionally for over a decade. From experience and from what is reported by the Moms who gave birth in recent years, after attending this class, I concluded that


Better for whom? And how early is too early?

It is never too early. In my opinion, future moms need to be informed and educated, conditioned and trained even before pregnancy. And this time is not too far out in the future when women begin to put their attention to have their pregnancy prepared.

One of the moms started attending our class at 21 weeks of pregnancy. By the end of the class series of 5 classes 2 hours each, she was 26 weeks. When the baby gave her his first kick she was all ready for this communication. Most moms by week 26 just begin their research on what changes in their body does in pregnancy.

The baby inside you needs your attention. In large cities and stressful environments like New York, we do not usually take time to rest and revitalize ourselves, and when pregnancy begins we don't have a habit of rest and relaxation. Most moms don't even think about it, until later, but from the start regular relaxation is important. 

Learning to relax your body and your m ind you not only begin to be attuned to your body, you begin to know and direct your thoughts toward creating the reality you want. And this doesn't just true for birth. Most couples who took the time to master the self-hypnosis skill, now are more successful in their lives. It's true, you can drive your own experience. 

Most of you tell me they want peaceful birth, unmedicated birth filled with joy and excitement, like Amber's in the documentary with the memorable title - "Orgasmic Birth". 

How do you achieve that? What would you do to have that?

Starting to learn with an instructor and practice in class with your husband under the supervision of your instructor and then at home you begin to condition your body and your mind. Preparation exercises will include various visualizations, body relaxation, mind relaxation, facial relaxation, progressive body and mind deep relaxation, 3 types of deep breathings. From the first week of your HypnoBirthing training through the fifth week, regular practice at home gives visible, tangible results. It not only gives you a practical application in your life; results in physical and mental health enhancement become obvious over a few weeks, even after a few days of practice. 

One of the students father-to-be reported at our 3rd meeting that practicing daily relaxation with his wife not only gave him confidence that he can help her in labor, it influenced the way he is with others and in the world around him, so his co-workers noticed how calm and level-headed he had become at work, and his wife felt extra confident that she can rely on him in labor.  

Another mother-to-be told that deep breathing and relaxation allowed her to have longer days, accomplish more with less effort, keep positive and acquire clarity of mind.

In class we talk in detail about ANS autonomic nervous system, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of it. During stress your sympathetic system responds to stress, real or imagined, with "fight or flight" response, throwing into your blood stream a flow of hormones inhibiting all functions other than those necessary for your survival. This means that your baby does not get a chance when you are tired, in a rush, stressed, undernourished or overworked. 

Opposite is true for sensible physical exercise, rest, relaxation and breathing, well balanced nutrition and sleep. You body then produces hormonal supplements that help baby develop normally. Numerous research from the HypnoBirthing Institute in your handouts in class helps you understand and know that conscious preparation for your birthing ultimately creates your birthing.

So by the week 30-33-35 you are well conditioned and know enough about your body responses, and together with your husband you can say: I am confident.

You both are stepping into the unknown and this unknown will stay unknown until it is time. And contrary to those who had little preparation, you will have set the healthy and calm tone of your  birthing room and will have learned to operate and control your mind. 

I wish you a very peaceful satisfying birthing of your baby and hope to hear from you soon.
Enrollment is open for the next HYPNOBIRTHING class.
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