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Most people never heard of ingesting placenta. Most people would look at you as if you are crazy if you mention ingesting placenta. But wait! let me introduce the latest research on ingesting placenta.

Do you want your breast milk to come out abundantly and easily for your baby?

Do you want your baby weight ease off your body quickly?

Do you want to have tons of energy to nurse your baby and take care of your family right after birthing?

And finally,

Do you want to have positive outlook and feel incredible bonding experience with your baby, instead of postpartum depression?

Find out how you too can be happy and healthy quickly and easily right after your baby's birth.

Placenta contains high levels of prostaglandin which stimulates uterus to get back to normal size quickly. Placenta also contains oxytocin which stimulates the muscles around the mammary cells to contract and eject milk. These levels of natural oxytocin add to your hormonal balance and help you feel happier and have a light positive outlook on life.

Mammals eat their youngs' placenta in full. All of it. Ewww! Remember that we are mammals. So it is only natural to ingest placenta, even though not in full, but a little bitty piece of it, about 0.5 cubic inch, raw.

How's that? Wow!

At least you don't have to eat all of it!

Still sounds bizzarre?

Now, let's explore.

I met this homebirth midwife of 20 years Jenny West, at last year's HypnoBirthing Conclave, where I got my liscense to teach HypnoBirthing to doulas and other birthing professionals.

She gave me her book about eating placenta, as I shared an experience I heard about from one of my HypnoBirthing student-moms, who ate a tiny piece of placenta right after its birth, raw, once. She told me she just tore a piece right off the big blob of the whole thing and swallowed it. She experienced her body temperature lowering soon, her breast milk coming after colostrum within a day, she felt consistantly happy and satisfied with her birth and baby being peacefully calm and healthy.

Jenny shared that it is a very healthy thing, to eat a piece of placenta. There is lots of lore about the placenta, Alaskan, Native American. It was considered a healthy way to start your postpartum and enjoy your baby long before the drugs have been invented that are currently used during and after birthing for various issues.

Her method is to ingest placenta dried and capsuled. She prepares the placenta in your home and leaves for you a capsuled daily dozage for your to take in a few times a day. Or you can choose to eat it once, right after birth, raw, or in a smoothie, and be done with it.

I know I mentioned it to one of my couples in class and they laughed at me thinking I am joking. Then they both backed up visibly and made a face.  I went on describing how the postpartum begins to be the best time of your life if you ingest  a piece of placenta, and then finally one mom said, "I will do it!", and then the other looked at her and said, "it does sound crazy, but yes, I want to do it too."

One mom tells her story as she initially froze her placenta for keeps. By the time her son was 6 weeks old, she was seriously lacking energy and sluggishly dragging herself around the house, doing her daily routine, depressed, and exhausted, she finally decided to defrost her placenta, dried it and encapsulated it and began to take them. On the third day she felt results and kept feeling more energized every day since.

It is your choice. It's your placenta.

Find out more, click here.
With questions contact Morrin Bass, at New York Awareness Center.

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