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A Study of Hypnotizability in Pregnant Women

I reprint this article synopsis for your information:

As study was done to prove that hypnosis is effective for pregnant women.

The participation in the study showed that pregnant women are more "hypnotizable" then
non-pregnant......good news? 

Read about the effect of pregnancy on hypnotizability

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By : Tim Brunson, PhD
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Hypnosis during pregnancy and childbirth has been shown to reduce labor
analgesia use and other medical interventions. 

We aimed to investigate whether there was a difference in hypnotizability in pregnant and
non-pregnant women. Study participants had hypnotizability measured by
the Creative Imagination Scale (CIS) in the third trimester of pregnancy
and subsequently between 14 and 28 months postpartum and when not

The 37 participants who completed the study gave birth in the
largest maternity unit in South Australia between January 2006 and March
2007. CIS scores were increased in women when pregnant (Mean 23.5, SD
6.9) compared to when they were not pregnant (Mean 18.7, SD 6.6),
0.001. The mean effect size was 0.84 suggesting that the hypnotizability
change was both statistically significant and clinically meaningful. 

Our study findings support previous evidence showing that women are more
hypnotizable when pregnant than when not pregnant.
Am J Clin Hypn. 2009 Jul;52(1):13-22. Alexander B, Turnbull D, Cyna A.
Department of Women's Anaesthesia Women's & Children's Hospital, 72 King

William Road Adelaide, S.A. 5006, Australia.

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