Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Importance of Practice, Part II

What a wonderful time allowing yourself to relax, just for few minutes, reading the part I of the post today, wasn't it?

Just before, I got a call from a new mother sharing her experience of birthing her baby. She just "had to tell me" that her practicing HypnoBirthing in class and at home paid off greatly.

Just because, she says, she practiced in the last few weeks before the birth, during labor she was able to stay calm and peaceful. I reminded her, how worried she was about keeping calm during her labor. She responded saying that her husband reminded her to stay focused, when she wandered away with her focus elsewhere.

Mom experienced her first strong uterine activity at 11pm, after a few weeks of on and off 'practice labor', during which she timed herself. The activity of surges repeated a few times each lasting about 40 seconds, and the time inbetween from 10 minutes to 7 minutes to 5 minutes. At 1am, she decided to call her midwife. And at 3 am, when the midwife arrived, she was already 8 cm, dilated.

The little girl was born after JUST another couple of hours of labor, around 5:30am, determined breathing and walking around the house. She walked while inbetween surges, and calmly found herself settling in a position on a couch, or on the toilet, on the arm chair, or in the kitchen, until she finally returned into her bed, where the birth took place. This was a home birth; assisting were just the husband and the midwife.

Baby came quickly and safely without pushing, just with a very focused J-breathing.

Promising to write about it more in detail, she told me that breathing and the husband's cool were the main highlights of her birth. She distinctly remembers that as soon as she thought of a glass of water he came offering her one, as soon as she thought of wanting to hear some soft music, or Rainbow relaxation, he was putting it on already.  This connection is not accidental. This was achieved by practicing together during the last few weeks before birth.

I remember this couple arriving to classes separately, from different places, and even not being able to complete some of the tasks in class because there was lack of agreement with each other. However, because they made a decision to practice, and came around to actually show up as a mature team working together on the birthing of their  baby, a new horizon of their life opened up and a new level of understanding without words, the new higher level of connection came to being.

Hope you enjoyed reading this story. Let me know your thoughts by commenting.

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