Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Importance of Practice, Part I

In every Hypnobirthing class I teach, every time we meet, I remind mothers and fathers to practice hypnosis exercises together at home, in addition to the classroom time we have together.

It is a great experience for all three of you (including the unborn baby/babies) to bond and begin to experience each other in yet another way, in preparation to your life-long time together in person.

Not only is it a good way for all of you to bond, but also for the baby to get acquainted with the ways of the mother allowing the baby the time to develop in peace.

Mother notices how well she feels after a relaxation. She also notices that the baby kicks like crazy while she tries to relax. In response to the hypnotic relaxation the baby begins to move around and, finding mother at peace and sitting or laying, in a stable safe environment to try out the boundaries of space and his/her own baby muscles, stimulating survival mechanism of preparing for the birth. Allowing the baby this time is crucial especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Here is a short relaxation for you. You can share it with your partner if he is around. While you are reading it, allow yourself to sit comfortably and slowly follow the words, placing your attention on each word, breathing deeply through your abdomen (into your baby!)

During this relaxation you will keep your eyes open.

There is no need to close your eyes now, you will read the text and follow my instruction and check in your body that you have completed it, and feel great, while keeping your focus on the words that you are reading.

Take a deep breath into your abdomen, on the count of 4 and slowly exhale on the count of 8.

Are you sitting comfortably? Uncross your legs.

Again Inhale

and another one:


Continue with breathing normally, and begin to count your breaths. Count to 25 breaths.

Count now, 1 inhale-exhale, 2 inhale-exhale....

....and begin to check for the comfort in each part of your body.....


Deep breath....

First your forehead, then your chin, then you shoulders,


Your shoulders sag, melt, drop your shoulders down,

Still counting?? ......9,10.....

Counting breaths.....


Shoulders relax, relax your arms, the right one and the left one, chest, your abdomen, your uterus ....


Legs, thighs, knees, toes....

Feel the tingling in your toes.

Notice that you mind relaxes too. As you begin to stare at the words longer.

... 23,24,25.

So allow yourself to stop reading and relax for a minute or so. After that you will re-emerge all by yourself, because you have the well working internal clock, while feeling relaxed and energized to continue with your day in the most productive way, feeling great about yourself.

Re-emerge Relaxed and Energized.
With Love and Light.

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