Saturday, March 31, 2012

HypnoBirthing for Everyone

HypnoBirthing is for everyone, not just for those who choose home birth. In fact, we do not advocate home birth only. We support any choice of birth you make: Birthing center, water birth, home birth and even a hospital helped birth. The only thing we do not advocate and do not support is drugged birth, scheduled cesareans and unnecessarily manipulated birthing. We do not support deliberate ignorance and carelessness. We teach you to be comfortable at your birth and be safe, as well as be able to feel the way to WANT to feel, happy, elated, joyful, bonded with your baby and loved ones, orgasmic, loving, light, smiling, or laughing, rather than scared and pained. We help you relieve the fears and concerns before birthing, so you can go into the birthing happy and light and enjoy your time.

When you give birth at home, your feel safer, unrushed, comfortable and supported by your family, than in a hospital facility, where you are pushed to finish up, and agree to measures you don't like, or have no decision privilege. Fact: in 1900s 90% of all births happened at home; in 1955 only 1% of births took place at home. Business of Being Born, a Documentary by Ricki Lake, sites: Hospitals are businesses, beds need to be filled and then emptied, and many women do not have the time to enjoy the birthing process naturally, as it should go on. They are induced, they are sped up, they are made to comply the orders of the hospital, doctors, and the whole business of birthing. Use of Caesarian section is peaking. In the 1970s - only 40%, last decade -70%, since 1996 the case of using caesarian section for birthing had risen to 96%, in 2005 on in every three women had caesarian!

Enroll in HypnoBirthing classes at New York Awareness Center, starting April 17. 

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