Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stay In The Flow

Dear Pregnant Mom,
Whether or not you are aware, during pregnancy, labor and birhing of your baby you experience a separation from ordinary reality, allowing you to experience a deeper connection with your baby.
This is what I have called "Being in the flow". "Staying in the flow" is when you have access to the "Flow" by "Being in the FLow" all the time, at will.
  Most people live their life by someone else's design: they are told what to do, and they go on doing it.
  By staying in the flow you step into the opportunity to break that cycle, for yourself and for your baby
and to begin to create a new template of your choosing easily and gently making the subtle changes in attitude and action that create a labor where satisfaction and enjoyment are at least POSSIBLE.
If you've read this far you probably are more interested and willing than 99% of pregnant women to whom I sent this letter, which  makes you special. The sad truth is that most people are seeking a magic pill for their labor, and they are unwilling to do what it takes to have what they want:
Yes, the magic pill exists and it is just a temporary fix for those who don't want to feel the full satisfaction from the birthing process, the sexual charge it gives, the plesure, the awakening of the large feeling of love to their baby, bonding with your partner, and the fulfilling feeling of legacy they are creating.  
The legacy for your baby, because babies do remember birth...
What I'm offering is a life-long answer to the desire for fulfillment and satisfaction in labor, the feeling of "feeling alive", that most women say they want. 
I expect that as few as 1 % and no more than 2% will understand it, and 98-99% will reject it immediately, and I'm willing to accept it. I know, sadly, that the natural, enjoyable, satisfying birth is NOT for everyone. Those who want the quick fix will have just that. Not satisfaction.
This is about a road to awareness/enlightenment/fulfillment/satisfaction about the dream birth less traveled, but traveled by mothers who create orgasmic birth, love and life of passion, feelings of being alive and fulfillment. Who are usually willing and able to master what it takes to get desired results: short labor, calm and smooth birth of their baby.
I am always eager, actually, to take unusual individuals, who value the journey, to creating the journey of labor and birth that is more fulfilling than they ever dreamt before or may think is possible, at the same time creating sustainable stability for their family in an unstable world.
If you want to go inside to where the flow is where I've most effectively helped others stay in their flow, their connection with the future of possibility of creating the birth that they want,
I invite you to begin now. Subscribe to my HypnoBirthing class now. 

All the best,
Morrin Bass

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