Monday, August 15, 2011

Are YOU Ready for Birth?

Are you ready?
Or are you still afraid?

Just got back from a HypnoBirthing class I taught tonight. One mom asked today how to get rid of fear of birth. When the time is near, a lot of moms begin to search for what can be helpful in that time.

Contrary to popular belie the things to check for aren't your bag to take to the hospital.

The things to check for are --- YOU !!!

Are YOU ready?

Do you know how to keep yourself calm?
Have you reviewed stages of labor to be aware of what you will feel?
Did you practice your birth breathing?
Are you committed to NOT PUSH but instead breathe your baby out?
Are you committed to drug-free natural birth?

Perhaps you want to check whether your husband is ready?
Ask him, is he ready to support you?
Does he have the tools and awareness to be a conscious parent?
Is he committed to being there for you and your baby?

And wear a button-down shirt to the birth of your baby:)

If you still have time, enroll in the HypnoBirthing class, scheduled or private, or a review of HypnoBirthing techniques, or call Morrin with your questions before the birth.
If not, read the HypnoBirthing book, by Marie Mongan.

If you need private work with a hypnotherapist, hypnosis for natural birth induction, or hypnosis for calm breathing, or hypnotic work for your husband before birth, let me know. I am available at 646-522-5886.

I wish you a very happy Birthing Day!

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