Monday, August 15, 2011

Magical Child - Your Baby

Today I conducted a session for a pregnant mother of transpersonal connection between her unborn baby and herself, called Mother-Baby Connection(tm).

She was in hypnosis for over 1.5 hours and delivered back an incredible wealth of information from her higher consciousness guidance, besides coming back  completely relaxed,  rested, refreshed and filled with energy.

But wait, you are not familiar with it. Let me explain.

Using hypnosis is possible to create a state of consciousness when your critical factor is subdued and your awareness of a bigger picture and of your role in the universe comes to the forefront. This is a self-deepening state and it is particularly amazing for pregnant mothers.

I use higher consciousness during pregnancy to uncover for mothers their inner wisdom and strengths and to eliminate fears of all kind, that so bother humanity (and not just birthing fears).

It is interesting that I find over and over again that a pregnant woman are much more hypnotizable and achieve deeper and faster results than any other categories of population. Her critical factor is helping her go deeper, because she is motivated.

So back to the mom today.

Her baby's energy is female and she now knows her name. (She wanted to know all that.)
In addition, the pregnant mom uncovered that her baby chose her for being able to assist the baby with fulfilling her purpose when she grows up (she got the details of that purpose as well). Mom was very pleased with the results of her session. She unveiled the role of her son (first born) and herself in the bigger universal picture, and particularly her husband had a very distinct role in the whole sceme of things. It was awesome. After mom opened her eyes she was in awe how everything just comes into place, and her questions were answered.

She got instructions from her unborn baby on how to approach labor. This is her second baby and the labor for the second time is going to be very different. (The first one was a hospital birth this one is a prepared home birth).

This process is a deep trance awareness process based on Higher awareness described by Michael Newton in Journey of Souls, and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, and a greater purpose approach, which is described by Joseph Chilton Pearce in his incredible book Magical Child.

If you are interested in the spiritual discovery or in your own Mother-Baby Connection(tm) call me.

By the way, I highly recommend Magical Child for better parenting. It's a great book and a beautiful idea.

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