Sunday, October 27, 2013


Royal christening yesterday, gives me one more reason to mention in my blog the mother Princess Kate in her dutiful beauty and glow of her truly sincere happy motherhood.

Princess Kate looked lovely in her happy motherly glow gazing into the baby George's eyes along with Prince William yesterday at the Kensignton Palace ceremony.

Baby George looking more like his mother with the button nose, than like his father, prince William, is 3 months old.

Princess Kate is said to be a calm and a very soothed happy mother, which obviously will be reflected on the behavior of the little baby-boy George.

I followed the royal couple in their HypnoBirthing preparation and birthing and now calm parenthood of the new heir, out of professional interest and personal fascination with beautiful people. I think Kate is beautiful as a woman and in her calm gravitas and deep personal presence. A calm mother makes, or rather helps making, a calm leveled ruler, if George were to become a king. I am for a level-headed ruler, aren't you?

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