Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Soul of The Baby

You may know, that studying customs of various people's is one of my passions. Recently, I came across an interesting information in my research, relating to birthing customs.

In ancient times it was believed that a person's soul lives inside their body and escapes when a person opens their mouth. Therefore, a custom was to keep mouths closed, in particular, during childbirth, be silent and not speak.

In Southern Celebes, Indonesia, to prevent the escape of a woman's soul at childbirth, the nurse, ties a band as tightly as possible round the body of the expectant mother. And to prevent the soul of the baby escape, they are careful to close every opening in the house, even cracks in the walls. They tie up the animals' mouths inside and outside of the house, as well as all people in the house, and including the birthing mother's.

The mother herself is obliged to keep her mouth shut the whole time birthing is taking place. I guess it was easily possible for a mother, to keep silent, I suppose, breathing just through her nose, prompted her to take deep breaths and made it all easier for her during her childbirth and easier for the baby. Who knows why they created customs like that, although my belief, that it worked to ease the childbirth. Whatever it was, birthing with silence it is!

Breathe and relax. Laugh and enjoy.

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