Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Birth - Is your Baby due on a Scary Holiday?

I have to give it to some parents, who dress their babies up to express their sense of humor to the scariest holiday of the year!

But what are you supposed to do when your baby is due on Halloween?

The study in the Yale School of Public Health, held recently( see full article), apparently shows that women are able to influence their due date by simply avoiding going into labor on and around the non-desirable or inauspicious date.

Apparently there is a belief about being influenced by skeletons and witches, even if in the every day life women refuse to recognize the scary personages existence.

Dr. Levy emphasizes that a connection between the state of mind of pregnant women and hormone levels could explain the link between their start of labor and the date of baby arrival.

Professionals analyzed the birth certificates of babies born on or around Halloween and on or around Valentine's days. It turns out that consistently the amount of babies born on Halloween is 11% lower and those born on Valentine's is 5% higher than births other dates.

There are stories about how babies "want to wait"until their fathers come back from military mission, around their due date, as well as babies avoiding to be born in a hospital by birthing in cars on the way, or creating precipitous birth ( less than 3 hour birth experience).

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