Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Recognize True Labor from False Labor

Approaching the estimated baby arrival time, moms begin to wonder how to recognize true labor and to what signs begin to pay attention.

There are distinct signs of starting of the "uterine activity" that are recognizable in both but vitally different for the decisions and subsequent actions we need to take.

False Labor
  • Surges (formerly known as contractions) are random.
  • There in no progression in strength in surges.
  • Surges tend to be felt primarily in the front
  • The time between surges is not equal, or even.
  • Activities has no affect on timing or quality of surges
  • No changes in cervix dilation

    True Labor
    • Surges get rythmical
    • Surges get closer together
    • Surges get stronger
    • Surges are felt in various parts of uterus
    • Walking makes surges stronger
    • Cervix thins and eventually opens

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