Sunday, January 30, 2011

HypnoBirthing Affirmations

By now, moms all over the world know what HypnoBirthing Affirmations are: positive affirmative and short sentences in present tense about calm peaceful labor pregnant moms want to have.

Pregnancy HypnoBirthing affirmations are really positive suggestions, that are said to yourself, out loud, and followed by a relaxed state of absorption or listened silently via cd with relaxation.

Once Pregnancy HypnoBirthing affirmations are said outloud, they have affect onto our subconscious mind, and once absorbed into the subconscious, cannot be erased. Therefore, these suggestions take effect on your behavior in real life without you even noticing it. Consequently, you relax, you begin to fell calm and give into the power of your birthing body. And when the time comes, labor goes easily and quickly.

Here are some sample affirmations you can get for 21 days FREE delivered to your e-maibox daily.

I am confident that my body is healthy and strong. 
I am beautiful in my pregnancy. 
I joyfully look forward to the birth of my baby.
My body is made to give birth easily and effortlessly.
I relax and dream about my easy birth.

A pregnant mom asks: Can I use this affirmation:
I don't want to be afraid.
No, you'd better not. Our mind does not understand the word NOT, so therefore, it is as if you are affirming that you want to be afraid, which you are not!:)

Use positively framed sentences to serve as your affirmations.
I trust my body and my baby to know what to do.

Learn to create your affirmations.  And have a Happy HypnoBirthing.

Go to and put your name into request box for affirmations from New York Awareness Center created by the childbirth education expert Morrin Bass, Ph.D., BCH.
Morrin Bass can be reached for discussion, or when you post your affirmations/comments/questions in the comment box for review and for others to see and use.

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