Monday, December 19, 2011

What Nutrition for HypnoBirthing

Some moms have questions about nutrition. Whereas, I cannot provide you with advice here is what others are saying:

The diet before conception is just as important and maybe even more important than diet during pregnancy. 

A mom reported beginning to eat farm fresh vegetables, raw grass fed butter and milk, grass fed beef, pastured chicken eggs, wild caught fish and raw homemade fermented foods and beverages (raw yogurt, sour dough breads, vegetables, kombucha, etc....).  

Some others say they've completely removed all processed foods and pretty much anything that comes pre-packaged.  No white flour, sugar (or brown sugar), margarine, homogenized milk, butter or yogurt and no soy products.  

Alike real food they way our great grandparents used to eat. 

I'm sure anyone who is considering HypnoBirthing and home birth including unassisted childbirth has heard the following words "Are you crazy?"

Then how crazy were our ancestors for giving birth naturally!

Please share any other information you feel may be important to improve the health of mom and baby both physically and mentally from your experience or something you believe. After approval all comments will be posted below.

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