Thursday, December 15, 2011

Practicing HypnoBirthing Ideal Birth

Here is a recent letter form one of the moms from a previous HypnoBirthing class I taught. As you read through the beauty of her words, allow yourself to follow the descriptions. Ah, and remember to practice the enjoyment of your own desired birthing experience! 

"Hi Morrin,
I thought of you today and wanted to share. 

I've noticed that I take any chance I can to practice the breathing, relaxation and ideal birthing experience each day. 

Today I practiced yoga and put on my drumming music. I did a combination of dance and yoga and while I was in my practice I meditated on my ideal birth experience. It felt as though I embodied my birth experience through yoga and movement. I literally danced my labor and birth and really loved each moment. 

I also had another dream about my birth. In my dream my baby came early by a few weeks but what was most profound was how calm and relaxed I was throughout the process. In my dream I was at my parents house visiting and began light surges. I calmly left and went back to the city with (husband) to the hospital. I felt calm and relaxed throughout the dream, experiencing surges with a deep trust that all was well...and it was. I woke up before my baby was born but I think the most significant part was the calmness that was revealed. I know I can do this and my subconscious knows this too. 

Today's practice felt really wonderful. I sometimes am hard on myself for not practicing daily the meditations you've given us but today it felt right to do it my way in my body, with the drumming music, just as I visualized from the beginning. Just wanted to share some of my experiences with you and hope it counts as practice :)
With Love, and deep appreciation,

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