Thursday, November 17, 2011

"My Baby Birth Was The Best Day Of My Life!"

"My baby (name) birth was the best day of my life! My wedding was the most beautiful day of my life, and my baby's birth was the best day of my life!"

My conversation with the mom, who took my HypnoBirthing class in March of 2011 and a month later gave birth to a beautiful vigorous baby-boy, my conversation with her lasted about 40 minutes, and I was not talking much at all.

The excitement of her speech was obvious. The day she remembers is still very vivid in her memory, and in her description. She is noticeably very happy, 8 months later.

Outlining her perspective on the birth day itself, the mom pointed out specifically that:

1 - PREPARATION is very important. It is not what you do on the day of the labor, it is what frame of mind you HAVE BEEN so far, and how your beliefs are shaped. Your practice of relaxation, breathing, being available in your mind to the flexibility of the events of the day. What you do on the day of birth is almost automatic. It is important that you know what to do without thinking, this is where previous weeks/ and in her case - months of preparation is important.

2. - Having your support system in place: prepared husband, and midwife/doula. People who can keep you focused and also know what to do.

3. - Having a belief that you can do it - give birth, keeping the positive attitude and keeping a bigger picture in mind - at all times.

"Your help, your knowledge and expertise was one of the most important things that happened for me in preparation to my labor. Thank you for all your advice."

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