Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do You Communicate With Your Baby?

Do you ever consider talking to your unborn baby? If you do
What would you want to say?

I know, for those of you who are already in the second or third trimester, it is obvious. You probably often refer to the baby, talk to the baby, whispering how much you love to your baby, and the baby moves in response. And all the while you are wondering, what is behind your belief that your baby is a real person.

Apparently, the baby really responds to you.

In my recent hypnotic work, which I conduct with pregnant mothers, who want to communicate their love to the unborn baby, the work shows coherent information. Mothers-to-be show greater appreciation to the presence of their baby after such sessions, and what's more important they gain confidence in their ability to give birth comfortably and calmly. Spiritual sessions alleviate fear of childbirth and give a mother confidence in her spiritual, mental and physical ability to give birth.

In a recent session, a mom was curious to establish a connection with her unborn baby. Quickly, she was able to find her baby waiting for this connection. Mom did not know who the baby is, boy or girl, and in a hypnotic awareness asked to communicate with the baby's soul. A beautiful young girl came out and spoke wisely to her mother-to-be. She looked like an angel in her late teens and had a flowing white transparent robe on. Although the feeling the mother had was of loving and peaceful presence.

She gave mother some health advice, named particular exercises to do, and recommended particular foods to eat, with specific nutritional qualities, and in the end relayed some messages to her brother-to-be, whom she loves and who is now almost 2, and her father and what to do when the mother is in labor to enjoy the time. There was so much concrete information, that the mother just could not have known, coming to my client through her daughter-to-be consciousness,  all of which I recorded for her, that the mother was amazed about her wisdom and her decisions. They were talking about the daughter's decision to choose the mother, and how it made sense for her, because of the mother and daughter purpose, which was also specified.

Transcending fear of birthing, the daughter took the mother through each step in labor and talked her through the process of contractions (what we call surges), and what position to be in so it feels good and so the labor is going to be fast. "Just get plenty of rest over that big Weekend." Aha! The weekend!

Mom mentioned after the session that the information is all so vivid and true, she'd be really interested to see if indeed it is a girl she would give birth to. Moreover, she mentioned that she felt extremely ready for the labor, as she had all the information she needed, and living through a vivid representation of contractions, she was sure the labor was going to go well.

So it did.  Quite a few weeks later, one Monday morning, I got a text from the new father that the labor was great and that mother and daughter are doing well.

What does this tell you?!!

Are you communicating with your unborn baby?
Are you attuned to the important information the baby is sending to you?
Are you ready for your smooth and calm labor?

Let me tell you the secret how to get ready for your labor.
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Artwork is original Art by Maria Polyakov.


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