Monday, October 11, 2010

What Babies Remember

When do babies begin to remember?

In my HypnoBirthing classes I address this question, because this is very important to know for future moms and dads.

Approximately since 8 weeks of gestation, when the baby's brain begins to function, the mind begins to function as well, and the subconscious mind begins to record absolutely everything. As if the new fresh clean notebook is open and the writing begins in this book of new life.

Every emotion, every motion, every sound, every feeling - EVERYTHING - is recorded within the baby's book of life! So, everything that we have ever experienced is stored in our subconscious mind. Of course, the conscious mind is not functioning yet. It is only activated as baby's mind begins to develop and begins its full function at age of approximately 6 years old. Until then, the life of a child is within the subconscious realm and permanent memory. 

Babies have happiness emotions, activated by their mother doing some pleasurable for her activity, and experiencing excitement. Breathing and doing exercises activating healthy hormonal flow brings her baby a pleasant state of mind. 

When sudden movements, unpleasant thoughts, other unfriendly sensations enter her mind, the mother unconsciously allows her moods transmit to her baby. Baby begins to develop fear.

Babies do remember birth. Many adults through hypnosis regression access those long term memories of their own birth, otherwise forgotten and unaccessible to their conscious mind. The more peaceful the birth, the more pleasant the first impressions of the world around the baby is for the baby.

Moms who exercise self-control in their thoughts, who only allow positive thinking, who use self-hypnosis to re-instill thoughts and visualizations of positive, peaceful, smooth and comfortable birthing for their baby are proven to do well in real situation of their labor, no matter what unfolds. As they remain peaceful and positive, their babies are born into a peaceful and loving world. It is all scientifically researched and proven.

HypnoBirthing is a philosophy of relaxation during labor and peaceful thinking during birthing, practicing self-hypnosis for labor and birth. Acquire this skill now, so your baby remembers pleasant memories. Ask about it today.

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