Sunday, October 10, 2010

Smiling and The Good Mood

According to ABC News a new study was done to prove that a smile of her own baby to the mother becomes a trigger of an amazing inflow of oxytocyn, equalling a strong doze of cocaine!

Oxytocyn, a neurotransmitter and a hormone, is released into the brain in large amounts after relaxing the muscles in the reproductive area. Oxytocyn is said to be the strongest natural good mood pill. An inflow of oxytocyn can result from a good workout, deep breathing, kissing, smiling, hugging, touching, bonding, love-making, doing something you love, and saying nice things to yourself or others.

The strongest doze of oxytocyn, a neurotransmitter creating wonderful mood, released in the brain while a woman is in labor, and then giving birth. Having a peaceful relaxing mood, coupled with deep breathing during labor, helps a woman place her attention onto a pleasurable side of labor, positive effects of breathing and relaxation, and divert discomfort. In many cases, the attention to pleasure creates orgasmic effect during birth!

Speaking of saying nice things to yourself, reciting positive affirmations, as part of her preparation to labor, is a really strong relaxing way to creating a pathway to bliss during labor.

When the baby is born, the other's body receives a strong doze of oxytocyn and endorphines (which have the numbing effect in addition to being a strong relaxant). Later during breastfeeding the same hormones are released into the blood stream, oxytocyn and endorphines, and making the milk "sweet" for the baby, create the effect of good mood for the both of them.

Alternatively, it has been discovered that smiling in itself is a compelling trigger of release of large dozes of oxytocyn.  That means if you are in a bad mood, tired or angry, sit down someplace quiet, take a deep breath and smile. Think of something very pleasant and positive, and say to yourself, " I am relaxed, I am in a good mood. I love my baby, I love my husband." Naturally, the smiling triggers positive physical changes in your body and creates a relaxing smoothing effect.

Next thing to do is to try it. Let me know, how it worked for you, write your comments in the space below or e-mail me.

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